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Ma Chadash? Bites
10 Adar l Parshas Tetzaveh l March 6th

Parsha Lesson

It says in the Torah that Aharon would wear the choshen (breastplate with the names of the Shevatim, sons of Yakov, inscribed on it) when he would do the service in the Mishkan. The Torah continues and explains, that the reason for Aharon wearing the choshen was so that it would be a ‘remembrance before Hashem.’

The Seforno explains that Aharon would wear the choshen with the names of the Shevatim on it, in order that Hashem should remember the merit of those holy, righteous people and therefore bless the Jewish people on their account. 

Hashem does not need to see the choshen to remember! Hashem does not need any ‘reminders’! Hashem is the all-knowing, all-seeing G-d of the world who knows every happenstance and even thought that ever flitted through anyone’s mind in the entire history of the world. Needless to say, Hashem does not need the choshen to remember the Shevatim who were so righteous and dear to him.

What, therefore, is the Seforno saying, that the purpose of Aharon wearing the choshen was in order to be a remembrance for Hashem of the Shevatim?

Of course Hashem would remember the Shevatim without the choshen, however, Hashem would judge the Jewish people as if he didn’t remember them. Hashem commanded Aharon to wear the choshem to ‘remind Hashem’, but really it was to remind Aharon!

Perhaps the reason for Hashem wanting to remind Aharon of the Shevatim was in order that by remembering the Shevatim, Aharon would be more connected to them and therefore worthy of their merit being considered in the judgement of the Jewish people.

When we reflect on our forebearers and the great people that we come from, it will inspire in us greatness that we didn’t think we were capable of. By thinking about how righteously and faithfully our grandparents and great-grandparents, etc. followed the Torah and did the will of Hashem it will motivate us to continue ‘’in the family business’’ and do the same.

This new perspective of ourselves all by itself makes us better people who are more worthy of blessing from Hashem, as it will inevitably impact our service of Hashem in a positive way. 

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos!

Rabbi Eli Meir Kramer

What's Happening...
Principal's Recap (excerpted- see Ma Chadash for full version)

From the desk of Mrs. Hoberman..

Dear Shalom Families,
Purim is in the air at Shalom! Just walking into our school we are cheerfully reminded by the adorable bulletin boards and smiley decor that Adar is a time of increased joy. If someone should happen to somehow miss those cues, the emoji keychains (a super fun Rosh Chodesh activity!) dangling from every backpack might give them another clue! Our students have been busy learning about Purim in fun and creative ways and we are all looking forward to our upcoming school carnival on Shushan Purim as well as the Purim play which will be put on by our second and third graders.

We have had so much excitement recently, and so much to share with all of you!
Brachos Bee
It was just amazing to witness the level of knowledge that our Brachos Bee participants had at our recent bee. Our teachers taught their students the various blessings made on foods, as well as many detailed halachos (Jewish Laws) about brachos. Each student is truly a winner for having mastered so much knowledge, and we congratulate the class winners who participated in our school-wide bee:

Ethan Agarunov, Dassi Kornfeld, Kayla Kramer, Chaim Maksumov, Melanie Maksumov, Avital Benseev, Tamar Kenton, Yahli El, Leah Merel, Jordan Lankry, Matanel Sher, Binyomin Johnson, Chana Kenton, Odelia Ohnouna, Maoz Chen, Elisheva Amsel, Yonah Auerbach, Melanie Ohnouna, Jonathan Niayzov, Tehilla Lasry
A big mazal tov to the STA Grand Winners: Melanie Ohnouna and Binyomin Johnson!!!

Read Across America Day

This past Monday our school participated in a nationwide celebration of reading, coinciding with Dr. Seuss’s birthday! Guest readers visited each classroom and read books aloud to the students. What was so special, as well, was to witness our middle school students paired up with our preschool students in a partner-reading session! 

Fun classroom activities were then followed by our parade, which is by now a Shalom tradition. So many incredibly adorable costumes made it hard to choose, but the First Place Costume Winner is... Mickey Pavlick ! Runner-ups are: Haim Maksumov, Avital Benseev, Rosie Rosenfeld, and Mimi Rosenfeld!!!

A big thank you to Ms. Glashow for organizing the entire special day!!!
Chumash Play

We couldn’t be more proud of our talmidim and talmidos in Kittah Aleph, who received their very first Chumash this week! Morah Tirtza Zachai prepared them well, and each face was shining with pride and joy as the class performed beautifully. What a special milestone for our students, at their very own “Kabbalas Hatorah” (Accepting of the Torah), which is more precious than gold or silver.

The chumashim were dedicated as a merit “L’eilui Nishmas” to Mr. Robert Gold, of blessed memory, by his wife Risa. Robert was a kind and giving man, and Shalom was a regular recipient of his generosity. May the use of the chumashim by our precious young students be a blessing to his memory.
Please consider partnering with our school in order that Shalom can continue to be the amazing place that it is!

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