Ma Chadash?Bites
22 E l Parshas Netzavim- Vayelech l Sep 11

Parsha Lesson
(As heard from R' Doniel Kalish)

In this week's Parsha, Moshe tells the Jewish people that when you will look at the job and task of being a proper Torah abiding person, it may seem insurmountable. It may appear as if it is as difficult as going up to the Heavens or like traveling across the most difficult ocean.

However, Moshe continued, in truth, it is really quite easy. Serving Hashem is actually more likened to a journey to something which is very very close by.

Which one is it?

Is it hard, like a journey across the world, or is it easy- like a journey to somewhere close by? How is it possible to look at serving Hashem as if it is so difficult when in reality it is easy? And if serving Hashem properly looks as if it is so difficult, why is it, in reality, so easy?

The key to answering this conundrum is to understand how things look from different angles.

There is a popular saying- 'a journey of 1000 miles starts with one step.' This is not just a cute line, but rather a piercing insight into accomplishing great things. When one looks at the entire job and journey of serving Hashem, it is in truth, a tremendous journey and an amazing accomplishment which takes years and years of hard work.

However, the proper perspective is not that this journey is so long and arduous, but rather that each step of the journey is really quite doable. Each step is very much in our hands, very close by and easy to make. Over time, little steps in the right direction, little bits of Torah learning, little acts of kindness- will transform us into completely different people. People who have become Torah-true Jews.

So often in life we are hesitant to set out to accomplish great things because it is too difficult. The key is to realize that each step is very doable and the only thing we are expected to do is to take that next step.

Much like the key to building up physical strength is to first lift lighter weight and slowly, over time, lifting weight that is a bit heavier- so too building up ourselves requires consistently making those small steps in the right direction. We are not expected to make big leaps, to travel whole journey immediately.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos!

Rabbi Eli Meir Kramer

Welcome Back Shalom!!

What an amazing start to the year! It was so exciting to welcome back our returning students as well as the new students that have joined the Shalom Torah family!

Our teachers and staff put in a long and productive summer to ensure that Shalom Torah 2020-21 will be better than ever! There certainly are a lot of strange things this year- masks, plexi-glass dividers, lunch in our classrooms, no big school wide assemblies- but the main thing is that we are back in school together!

The children were so excited to see each other again and the teachers were so happy to be able to reconnect with old students and meet their new students.

We are so excited at the promise of the new year!

Wishing you and your family, and the entire extended Shalom Torah family a great year of learning, growing, health and happiness!

Rabbi Eli Meir Kramer
Rabbi Pinchos Scharf
Mrs. Aviva Hoberman
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