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Ma Chadash? Bites
5 Shevat l Parshas Bo l January 31
Parsha Lesson

Moshe came to Pharoah to warn him about the final plague, Makkas Bechoros, or Death of the Firstborn. Moshe told Pharoah and his advisors that at approximately midnight Hashem was going to come and wipe out all of the firstborn children in Egypt, besides, of course, for the Jewish firstborns. 
Rashi explains that Moshe didn’t say that Hashem was going to come ‘at midnight’ rather he said 'approximately midnight' in order that they shouldn’t say that Moshe is a liar.

The Egyptians saw Moshe call 9 plagues in a row exactly as they happened. The Egyptians also saw the plagues stop exactly when Moshe davened that they should stop. The plagues themselves showed the power of Hashem over all of the forces of nature. 

After witnessing such an amazing display of power over nature, wouldn’t Pharoah’s advisors realize that Moshe is the real deal? Wouldn’t they instead attribute the mistake in the exactness of midnight to their own calculations and not to Moshe and by extension Hashem?

It is very difficult for people to see mistakes or problems as being ‘their fault’. To view things as an objective outsider is an extremely difficult thing to do. The Egyptians made calculations with the world’s best astrologers as to when exactly midnight was. If their midnight did not line up with when the Makkas Bechoros started, they very well may attribute this to Moshe being a liar- as far fetched and absurd as that would seem after witnessing the amazing display of the 9 previous Makkos. 

The most important factor in being able to lead a productive and successful life, in any area that we are trying to succeed, is to know the honest truth about what is going on around us. If we don’t really know the truth about what is going on around us, then we will make mistakes and bad decisions because we do not have true information on which to base our decisions. 

One of the biggest obstacles to being able to size up situations in a way that we will accurately understand what is happening- is our ability to view our behavior, decisions and things that we ‘know’ and do, objectively. If we cannot view ourselves objectively and honestly assess ourselves then we will misinterpret the happenings of our lives and therefore make many mistaken decisions. 

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos!

Rabbi Eli Meir Kramer

Our Father- Son Melava Malka will be next Motzai Shabbos, February 8th!!
What's Happening...
Judaic Studies

Morah Mimi Newman- 4th grade

Shabbos Strength!
The fourth graders in Shalom have proved their Shabbos strength over and over again! For the past few weeks each Friday the students choose a Shabbos Challenge. Something they would like to do or not do in honor of the holy Shabbos. On Monday students receive a special treat or prize, for the great Mitzva they did.
Students choose things from not touching lights and TV, to even keeping the entire Shabbos!
We are really proud of the students’ commitment to keep the holy Shabbos!!
Have a wonderful Shabbos!
General Studies

Ms. Elisheva Liani- 4th grade

Wow! It has certainly been a fun-filled, past few weeks back in school. We missed everyone over vacation and we’re so happy to get started with our own personal narratives! We will soon have an exciting story from each student to share, including amazing illustrations by our aspiring young writers. The second graders also got to visit our prize store just a week after we got back; and boy did we fill up on fun prizes! As we get settled into the winter, we decided to flash it back to the summer and make lemonade that we will sell in school! We read an amazing story called “The Lemonade Sale,” and we also wanted to make a business! Maybe we’ll use the money for more prizes……we’re almost up to learning about money anyways;)

Mrs. Esther Baila Berl- Kindergarten

The children in Kindergarten have become real readers! They have been reading, as well as spelling two and three letter words with the vowel ‘a’. The children can read and spell words like hat, can, pat, pal, sad and tap, as well as sentences, like, ‘The man can hop,’ and ‘The cat’s hat is red.’ The children have been playing a really fun and educational game, called ‘Crazy A’s’ to practice their reading skills. It is similar to the game UNO, but instead of numbers, each card has a three letter word on it. They have been working on proper sentence structure, which entails a capital in the beginning of a sentence, spaces in between words, and a period (or other punctuation mark) at the end. The students in Kindergarten are becoming real readers and writers!

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