"The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them."
Ecclesiastes 38.4
Don Armando ritually offering Mapacho smoke to the Lupuna blanca master tree, in the Amazon jungle.

A unique shamanic apprenticeship program, with an amazing array of pictures!  

We are delighted to announce and offer for download our most sophisticated and in-depth ever shamanic apprenticeship programme in the Peruvian Amazon! The program will unfold over a 78 pages-rich PDF with an amazing array of pictures and details on the various aspects of the apprenticeship training and dieta with master trees, vines and plants, in the style of our senior master Palero shaman, Don Armando.
Don Armando offering Mapacho smoke to the Suni ayahuasca vine in the jungle.
Don Armando ritually offering Mapacho smoke to a giant Suni ayahuasca vine growing wild in the rainforest where our centre is located.

<<'He revealed to me magical songs that some call icaros and others call bubinzanas. And something more precious: he taught me how to attract the tunes that live in the air, to repeat them without moving my lips, to sing in silence 'with the memory of the heart'.>>

Cesar Calvo, Las Tres Mitades de Ino Moxo


Our magical retreat takes place in our luscious Amazon rainforest centre, immersed in 70 hectares of jungle, near Iquitos (reachable with one and half hour flight from Lima). There you will be able to focus on doing deep shamanic medicine work, under the guidance of Don Armando, and with the invaluable support of our interpreter, local coordinator and facilitator, Clever Hoyos, in a safe, well protected and family-like environment.

Huarmi renaco vines growing on and hugging a Remocaspi master tree in the jungle .
Chullachaqui caspi master tree
Huarmi renaco vines, growing on a Remocaspi master tree (above).
Chullachaqui caspi master tree (right)

The master trees, vines and plants of the shamanic dieta.

Don Armando is an accomplished master shaman, a distinguished Ayahuasquero
Huachumero (Sampedrista), Camalonguero, Toesero, Zananguero and a Vegetalista following the Rosicrucian esoteric tradition. He will introduce you to the secrets of the shamanic apprenticeship, dieting with as many as thirty-five among master trees and vines including the magical giant Lupuna blanca (Ceiba pentandra, reputed to be shamanically the most important of all master trees of the Amazon) and the Huarmi renaco ("Woman renaco"), the "vine of love" par excellence. To this highly concentrated master tree (brew) Don Armando will also add a little organic black jungle tobacco, a few Coca leaves and the freshly harvested bark of the Cacao tree, which has a gel-like substance with cooling and soothing properties, to balance the yang energy of the master trees.

The new downloadable PDF programme outline (if you have lost your password please re-register here and you will automatically get it in your Inbox) has all you need to get acquainted with the magical world of plant teachers and master trees, and will give you an idea on how Amazonian shamans work on a practical level with the mother spirits of the plant teachers. Each master plant and tree has a specific usage. The Lupuna blanca, for instance, is reputed to be the most important and sacred master tree of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, and is believed to be a receptacle of the mother spirits of many other master trees.
The second most important master tree, the Puca lupuna, and to a lesser extent the Pukuna caspi (the "Blowgun tree"), are instead reputed by Don Armando to be of high value for protecting an apprenticeship during their shamanic dieta. Whilst the Ayahuma master tree specialization is to shield one from sorcery and black magic attacks.

Teacher vines like Huarmi renaco and Renaquilla (used in the concentrated master tree brew) and "love plants" like Rosa Sisa, Lengua de Perro, Sigame-Sigame, Cariñitos and Amor seco (used as ingredients of the cleansing ritual baths) are used to enhance one's love life, to build an unbreakable bond between a couple, to keep the couple faithful, to make one's character more pleasant, and attract good fortune in personal relationships, whether on the sentimental, friendship, or business level. Don Armando also uses those vines and plants to cure emotional problems and to bring love, inner peace and happiness into one's life. 

The rare and very powerful Puma chacruna plant teacher used by Don Armando as admixture to the Ayahuasca brew.
The very rare and powerful Puma chacruna plant teacher, used by Don Armando as admixture to the Ayahuasca brew.
The Puma chacruna plant teacher

Participants will be able to experience at least once in the course of their staying a very different Ayahuasca brew, prepared by Don Armando with the Puma chacruna plant teacher. The mother spirit of this very rare plant (only found in remote locations of the Amazon rainforest, by the banks of certain jungle streams) is a giant roaring Puma (Puma concolor), at times appearing also as a giant roaring black panther. Ayahuasca prepared with Puma chacruna delivers more powerful, intense and frequent visions than the normal Chacruna (Psychotria viridis), or - to that extent - even than the alkaloid-rich Chaliponga (Dyplopteris cabrerana).
Ayahuasca ceremony with Don Armando at night
Ayahuasca ceremony with Don Armando in the jungle. 
Ayahuasca, Camalonga,Toé and Tobacco rituals

Thirty-nine Ayahuasca ceremonies, twenty-six Camalonga (Thevetia peruviana) dream rituals and thirty-nine Toé (Brugmansia suaveolens) ceremonies will also be part of this unique and rich apprenticeship program. Once a month you will take part to a Toé ceremony at night when the actual fresh juice of the plant - prepared by the shaman - will be drank; this induces a very powerful intoxication and a deep trance status which may go on for the whole night. A Tobacco ceremony may be also held at night, when the apprentice will have a ritual black jungle tobacco drinking session.

Daytime Ayahuasca ceremony in the open jungle by a grandmother Suni ayahuasca vine belied to be over 400 years old.
Daytime Ayahuasca ceremony in the open jungle with Don Armando, by a giant grandmother Suni ayahuasca vine, reputed to be over 400 years old!

Ayahuasca ceremonies in the open jungle

Whilst most Ayahuasca ceremonies will take place at night, in the comfort of the ceremonial house, occasionally apprentices may participate to daytime or nighttime Ayahuasca ceremonies held in the open jungle, in the wilderness, to enhance their connection with the mother spirits of the master trees, the teacher plants and vines, and Ayahuasca. A favorite "power spot" of Don Armando is where an ancient Suni (Soliman) ayahuasca vine grows wild in the jungle. This unique vine is believed to be over four centuries old!
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Pucuna caspi master tree
Don Armando ritually offering Mapacho smoke to a Pucuna caspi master tree, in the jungle.

Rituals with master trees in the jungle

Rituals of spiritual purification (smudging with Palo Santo), cleansing and flourishing ritual baths, plus shamanic thanksgiving, meditation and offering rituals with master trees, and night hikes in the jungle will complement your - very intensive - apprenticeship.
Don Armando singing an icaro to the Lupuna blanca the king of all master trees of the Amazon
The magical Lupuna blanca, the king of the master trees of the Amazon jungle.

The magical Lupuna blanca master tree

"The Lupuna is a magical tree, and is also the greatest Master tree of the jungle. The spirit of the Lupuna tree is known as the Master of the shamans, or the Master of the Masters. Inside the Lupuna dwell many spirits of Plant Teachers and Master Trees of the jungle, that's why it's a magical tree. When you learn from the Lupuna you must be willing to be part of the guardians of the forest, who conserve, protect, respect and love nature.

Shipibo Maestra Ercilia Ahuanari Brito

Don Armando preparing the master trees brew
Preparing the master trees and vines parts to use in the concentrated brew.

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Chullachaqui caspi ritual in the jungle