Joy Lane Healing Center
Shamanistic Life Journey Sessions with Tia
Select dates and times ~
Thursday through Monday Only

If you need help figuring out where your path is leading you or why your life is the way that it is, then you just may want to take an appointment with Tia.  She is here for a short time and then we have to let her go.  Her appointment times are limited, so don't miss out.

Not to be missed!
Shamanistic Life Journey Sessions with Tia
Here for a few days only 

Tia is currently on the East Coast following a Summer 'Divine Realizations' Tour of the South and Southwest.  She will be offering her services at Joy Lane in October.   These sessions are an opportunity for you to realize  and walk in Your Divinity and participate in creating Your very own miracles.   Since every session is different, as every person is different, Tia will use her gift as a Seer to observe where and what modalities You personally need during Your session.  To do this she will draw on her indigenous knowledge from her apprenticeships with Jaguar Chamans in Peru and Zulu Sanyusis of South Africa.  She will also rely on her familial inheritance of 'the Gift'- which is a psychic ability to see into the lives and hearts of Others in order for vision, understanding, release, and true healing to take place. The  illness, "trouble" or dis-ease that You are currently challenged with does not matter, as the Truth Tia works with spans across the entire spectrum of experience and Creation.    

You are Love.  
You CAN and DESERVE to live Your life
using the Power that is Yours by Divine Right. 
Bless <3 
About Tia:  Under the guidance of a Wisened Grandmother, initiated onto 'the Path' and the tutelage of Patrick Collard, Tia has traveled extensively to gain many Elders' Wisdom from jungle to desert to highland. Intent on helping as many as she can to witness their own ability to create the miraculous by realizing their own Divinity and walking fearlessly in their power to Heal, Manifest, and Create.

More information about Tia and her work can be found at:

Cost: $130/one-on-one (1) hour session. 
Call the Center at 301/373-2522 to book your session. 

  Thursday, October 10th
 from 4 to 8PM 
Friday, October 11th
from 11AM to 5PM 
Saturday, October 12th
from 10AM to 2PM 
Select times available on
Sunday, October 13 &
Monday, October 14 


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