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~ Summer Programs ~
  • That #WheelsLyfe by Sarah Moldover
  • LTO in About 200 Words by Aviva Kram
  • Letter from the Editor by Ben Rosenthal
  • SA/TO Scoop by Zoe Bayewitz
  • Presidential Update by Gabe Kanter-Goodell
  • Words with Seaboard
  • Upcoming Events
That #WheelsLyfe
By: Sarah Moldover, CuBsEy
Class of 2022
USY on Wheels Classic is not just another road trip. There is no simple way to describe it. USY on Wheels Classic is a 6.5 week trip around the US, on a bus of 30-40 Jewish teenagers, along with 5 staff members. The 45 days of the trip are packed with sightseeing, educational experiences, leadership opportunities, friendships, memories, and so much more. From dance parties on the moving bus to amazing views of the world around us, this past summer on Bus C 2K19 has been both a physical and personal journey that I will never forget.
I started the trip extremely shy and awkward. The first day we met each other, I was rather apprehensive about immediately meeting and interacting with 38 new people, so I sat alone in a corner. Eventually, we were all told to sit in a large circle and begin icebreakers, and this of course meant that I would have to leave the small “safe space” that I had made for myself. Looking back, I know that by the end of that week I had decided that my safe space wasn’t in a corner, it was the people around me.
Though there were plenty of special occasions, there were also many long bus rides. Days would often start with Quiet Hours: designated hours on the bus for us to calm down and maybe catch up on some rest. When Quiet Hours were over, many people could be seen walking up and down the aisle to chat with others, have a dance party, or grab some snacks. It was never 2 in each seat, instead it was 3-4 in one seat while a different row was empty. When things got out of hand, or when the roads weren’t safe enough for us to move around, a movie would be played with rules in place to keep us sitting sil during movies. Even when we were on a bus for 5-7 hours, there was never a dull moment. Nothing can be dull when you’re living the Wheels Life!

Summer program information is down below for anyone interested!
SA/TO Scoop
By: Zoe Bayewitz, BSO USY
Class of 2021, 2019-2020 Seaboard Social Action / Tikun Olam VP
Hey Seaboard! It’s your fried-rice loving, fake Birkenstock-wearing SA/TO VP coming to you with a little recap. Although it’s only the beginning to this amazing year, I am SO proud to say that we raised over $1,200 in Tikun Olam money at Encampment! On behalf of the SA/TO RGB, other regional SA/TOs, the SA/TO IGB, the International SA/TO, and all the organizations your money will be allocated to, thank you. I could not be more proud. During Labor Day weekend, I had the opportunity to sit with Gabe in the International USY TO Allocations meeting. Although it was 10 hours of lots of numbers, organizations, emotions and food, I am so glad to see the TO we raised during the 2018-2019 year be donated to amazing organizations. We also allocated 5% of our raised TO to a new USY initiative, Hasviva Shelanu, which I will be talking about at Fall Convention (registration will be open soon!!) See you there!
LTO in About 200 Words
By: Aviva Kram, TIUSY
Class of 2020, Spring Convention Tri-Chair
LTO stands for L’Takayn Olam which translates to “repairing the world.” This trip is focused around volunteering projects in which participants spend 4 weeks in Israel doing what they can to repair the world (as much as is possible for 4 weeks). I had the amazing opportunity to go on this trip and, when I came home, I had 17 amazing new friends, a deeper connection with Israel and a greater understanding of what I can do to help those around me. On my trip we had the opportunity to volunteer in a zoo, at an old age day care center, a children's hospital, a school for disabled children, a center for asylum seekers, a kibbutz, and so much more. The trip also included many other activities such as hiking Masada, visiting the Dead Sea, jumping off incredible sand dunes, shopping in the Shuk in Jerusalem, and many more things. The biggest difference between LTO and the other Pilgrimage trips is not just the volunteering projects that we did, but that all of the activities we participated in we did together as a group which made them all the more meaningful.

LTO and Pilgrimage information is down below for anyone interested!
Presidential Update
By: Gabe Kanter-Goodell, AIUSY
Class of 2020, 2019-2020 Seaboard President
Hey Seaboard! Hope you all had as much fun at Encampment as I did! Every fall, all the regional executive boards and the international general board have a leadership training. The focus of our leadership training this year was peer to peer outreach. The whole idea of this was to teach us that the goal of outreach isn’t making someone go to an event, it is making them want to go to the event, and those of you going to Seaboard’s Leadership Training Institute (LTI) on October 6 will learn more about this!

In addition to outreach, the regional presidents learned about the nitty gritty stuff that’s going on in USY and USCJ, including—of course—branching. Presidents and Social Action/Tikkun Olam Vice Presidents got the honor/privilege of attending our allocations, where we allocated all of USY’s Tikkun Olam money to over fifty organizations! These ranged from Jewish organizations to mental and physical health centers.

This year one of my main goals is making sure everyone gets the support they need, including chapters and RGB members. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time at kanter.goodell@gmail.com or (202) 714-6571!
Chapter Spotlight
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Letter from the Editor
By: Ben Rosenthal, CuBsEy
Class of 2021, 2019-2020 CuBsEy Communications VP, 2019-2020 Seaboarder Editor
Hi Seaboard! I am Ben Rosenthal, your Seaboarder Editor for the year! I moved to Ashburn, Virginia two years ago from San Diego, California where I was an active member in Far West USY. I am now a member of CuBsEy. I have held many USY positions such as chapter board, RGB, and chapter board in Far West. I go to Broad Run High School and as many of you know, I play the drums and participate in the marching band. I am so excited to be editing the Seaboarder this year. I can’t wait to see you all at the next regional events and IC. See you at Fall!
Make your summer #MyUSYSummer!
For more than 55 years USY Summer Experience has provided life-changing summer travel opportunities...

Our trip destinations include North America, Israel, Europe, and beyond, opening participants eyes to new places, experiences, and different cultures all over the globe.

Now it's your turn, see where it takes you!
Words with Seaboard ~ מילים עם סיבורד
Hebrew word of the month: Habibi
Word: הביבי (cha-bee-bee)
Means: Buddy, my friend, dude, bro, etc
Word in COMMtext: Habibi my friend! How are you?
Upcoming Events

  • October 6th, 2019
  • 2pm - 7pm
  • Tikvat Israel Congregation
  • Learn valuable leadership skills from the REB!
  • Open to all Chapter Board Members and RGB members
  • Regpacks.com/Seaboard1920 for registration
  • Pizza will be provided!

Kadima Saturday Night Live

USY Fall Convention / Fall Kadima Kallah & 8th Grade Shabbaton
  • November 22nd - 24th, 2019
  • Capital Camps & Retreat Center
  • Open to all 6th - 12th graders
  • Registration will be opening soon - stay tuned!

Seaboard USY Pre-Convention with Mizrach USY
  • December 19th - 23rd in Encino, CA
  • Meet new friends before IC even starts!
  • Email Corey Bass for more information
International Convention
  • December 22th - 26th in Ontario, CA
  • Join over 750 USYers from all across North America for a 5-day long convention in beautiful Southern California
  • For more information, or to register, head to usy.org/ic!