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Shanachie Pub Craft Brew & Cider House

Your All Original Music Venue Schedule:

LoKoYoKol!-Thursday, Nov. 9th-7 pm

Kent Stephenson (under the moniker “LoKoYoKoL”) is aSongwriter & Performer based on the northwest coast ofCalifornia. Since late 1993 he was the bandleader of a number of originalsong based electric rock bands, “Digging For Corn”,“Goatelope”, “LoKoYoKol” & “K.S.B.”.Of late he has gone back to his roots as a musician, thumbpickin’ Rhythmic Acoustic guitar & vocals... primarily usingauthentic vacuum tube sound equipment of yesteryear.Recently completing a new record as a western sequel to the2002 album “cyclone near niobrara”, entitled “Unbranded”.He will showcase the new material from the “Unbranded”album along with regional favorite original songs, outlaw country& southern rock tunes

Wolf River Band!-Friday, Nov. 10th-8 pm

Wolf River Band is an indie-folk duo from the Gulf Coast on tour in the West. Their sound blends Americana, Folk, Blues, and Bluegrass with strong harmonies and breakout electric guitar and fiddle jams. Before they formed WRB, Sarah shared stages with Greensky Bluegrass, Larry Keel, Town Mountain, and Andy Thorne of Leftover Salmon. Visit https://www.facebook.com/WolfRiverBand

Saturday Scramble with Tyler B!-Saturday, Nov. 11th-3 pm

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 3-6 pm, Tyler B hosts a "Saturday Scramble". Your invited to bring any instrument you can play and and sign up for a "band" to perform a 15 minute set with other local musicians. Meet new musicians, discover new genres and explore your creativity!

Funkanauts celebrate Jazzminh's birthday!-Saturday, Nov. 11th-7:30 pm-$10. cover

After a stellar performance in August, they're back, this time to celebrate local artist Jazzminh's birthday!! The Funkanauts are a San Francisco-based band that has been making waves in the music industry for years. Led by the charismatic Jstone, the band is known for their unique blend of funk, soul, and hip hop, with a touch of Afro-futurism thrown in for good measure.

Jstone, born Jason Collins was always drawn to music from a young age. He grew up in San Francisco, where he was exposed to a wide range of musical styles and influences. He started playing guitar and writing songs in his teens, and by the time he was in his twenties, he had formed a band with some friends.

The Funkanauts came together in the late 1990s, and quickly gained a reputation for their high-energy live shows and infectious grooves. Jstone was the driving force behind the band, writing most of the songs and serving as the lead vocalist and guitarist.

The band's music is heavily influenced by the funk and soul sounds of the 70s, as well as the hip hop beats of the 90s. But what sets the Funkanauts apart is their commitment to Afro-futurism, a genre that blends African culture and science fiction themes. Jstone has always been fascinated by the concept of a "black future", and he incorporates this into his lyrics and stage persona.

Over the years, the Funkanauts have released several albums and toured extensively throughout the US and Europe. They have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, including George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, and Parliament-Funkadelic.

Despite their success, the Funkanauts remain grounded and committed to their art. Jstone continues to write and perform, and the band continues to evolve and push boundaries with their music. With their unique blend of funk, soul, and Afro-futurism, the Funkanauts are sure to keep grooving for years to come. Visit https://www.reverbnation.com/funkanauts

Back Porch Trio!-Friday, Nov. 17th-8 pm

The Back Porch Trio has moved onto the indie folk scene in Northern California. Theirs is a fun-loving sound created from a combination of musical influences around folk, blues, classic rock, jam band, americana, and bluegrass.  It starts with unique songwriting built on a blend of vocal harmonies and tasteful yet simple acoustic instrumentation from 3 instruments: ukulele, acoustic guitar, and bass. Upbeat rockers, plaintive ballads, funky, folky, or just plain fun, the Back Porch Trio performs from a collection of their own songs mixed with clever concepts of popular cover tunes. The Back Porch Trio is Rosie Wetzel (ukulele and vocals), Steve Hahm (acoustic guitar and vocals) and Jeff Taylor (bass).

Bluegrass String Jam! Saturday, Nov. 18th-3 pm

This event happens every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month starting at 3 pm, and welcomes all Bluegrass musicians! This jam is listed as an official jam for the California Bluegrass Association, so you never know which members from out of the area may drop in!

Hilary & Christiane!-Saturday, Nov. 18th-8 pm

Sonoma County based multi-instrumental performance duo, Hilary and Christiane have been playing and writing together for more than eight years. They have a wide range of material that is folk-based Country and Blues which they arrange with their unique vocals and harmony, and supported by an array of instruments: harmonica, ukulele, dobro, mandolin, and banjo. They have developed an on--stage rapport that is fun and engaging to audiences of all ages. Visit https://www.facebook.com/hilarychristiane/

Forrest & Friends Annual Day After Thanksgiving Party!-Friday, Nov. 24th-8 pm

It's our traditional "Day After Thanksgiving" party when we welcome back Forrest & Friends!!

Forrest Glyer, along with fellow schindigger Malakai Schindel is the founding member of the popular band Schindig. These two will be joined by several local musicians for this special night. Frequent performers you might expect to see are songstress Sarah Rose (shown here), formerly of The Real Sarahs, Greg Schindel, Clay Hawkins, Mitchell Holman, Kyle Madrigal and many more!

Saturday Scramble with Tyler B!-Sat. Nov. 25th-3 pm

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 3-6 pm, Tyler B hosts a "Saturday Scramble". Your invited to bring any instrument you can play and and sign up for a "band" to perform a 15 minute set with other local musicians. Meet new musicians, discover new genres and explore your creativity!

Jon Gonzales!-Sat. Nov. 25th-8 pm

Ukulele-strumming artist from San Francisco Bay Area, Jon Gonzales weaves ukulele folk-hooks with lyrical psychedelic satire and "pushing-the-envelope" paradoxical, universal subjects in his songs.In today's shifting online-music world of single's releases, Gonzales' talent for solid album-making along with studio producer, bassist and fairy music godfather, Michael Lindner, has led to the creations of his debut, "Water 'n Whiskey" (BMI, 2012), and follow-up "Hump" (BMI, 2015).Gonzales performs solo, as a harmonic trio aka Jon Gonzales Stringband, and full band, Jon Gonzales 'n FamilyFather of five for life, Gonzales performs as soloist, as harmonic trio aka Jon Gonzales Stringband, and as full band, Jon Gonzales 'n Family. Visit http://www.jongonzales.com/index.html

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