"The turning of the year - t'shuvat hashanah, as the New Year is sometimes referred to in the Bible - reminds us that all ends are beginnings and all beginnings can be turnings.  As the year turns... we turn deliberately and with deliberation, to confront the great challenges of our lives."
- Marcia Falk, The Days Between 


For Jewish LearningWorks it has been a year of endings, beginnings and turnings as we established a road map for the next chapter of our organizational life, said goodbye to long-cherished staff, welcomed new colleagues and prepare to move into our future home at 44 Page Street.

As we confront these uncertain times, Jewish LearningWorks has deepened its commitment to supporting learners in grappling with our individual and collective roles as Jews and stewards of a fragile world.  We envision a world in which Jewish wisdom can be a source of inspiration to all learners.  We seek to shape that world through our professional and family learning initiatives, and our Jewish Community Library, whose books and other resources provide meaning, wisdom and comfort. 

We hope you will join us at a fall learning opportunity, visit our website to explore resources for educators, and download our Sukkot @Home Parent Guide. And as always, we welcome feedback on how we can make Jewish learning more resonant for you.

Wishing you a joyful, healthy new year, filled with meaning and the promise of new turnings.

Dana Sheanin
Chief Learning Officer
Jewish Learningworks