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What is the one thing you’d like to see Shannon Staley and Sons do in 2021?

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FAMILY is an important core value for Shannon Staley & Sons. Coming off a different holiday season where family traditions and gatherings may not have been the norm, I feel blessed for the time spent with my family (at home and work) and reflect on the memories we created. There is an important component to work-life balance. As a company, we value and respect our employees and their families. When things are out of balance at home, it’s difficult to be at 100% at work.

Shannon Staley and Sons strives to be a professional family for its team members. Like all strong families, we hold our team (family) members accountable, show empathy, and motivate performance. The management team listens to suggestions and/or concerns from the field and acknowledge the importance of each team member’s value. The result of a strong family is consistency in the expectation of quality work performance and reliability that the Shannon Staley and Sons’ team delivers. As we move into 2021, we will continue to grow our family so we can provide the best in reliable labor solutions for our clients.
Project Highlight:
Shannon Staley & Sons works with several property owners in renovating flip or rental real estate properties. This particular property in Lawrenceville features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. During renovation, the entire interior of the home was gutted and updated. Project Manager Connor Gallagher oversees a crew of 4 and is the liaison between the Shannon Staley & Sons team and the property owner. Due to COVID, building material supply availability has been challenging, but the construction team has persevered and the project is near completion.  Our team of craftsmen and women have completed the demolition, renovation, and are working through the final punch list in order for the property to be turned over to the property owner.
From renovation services to a total interior buildout, the Shannon Staley & Sons team is helping property owners turn properties quicker for flips or rental. We save time and money through building efficiencies and scaling. Meeting the needs of property owners, high-volume builders, to servicing homeowners, the Shannon Staley & Sons team is with you every step of the way.
Employee Spotlight:
Dave W.
Dave Winesickle has been a carpenter for most of his life and feels carpentry is in his blood. He learned his trade from elders of skilled backgrounds who were good mentors. After a time spent as a heavy equipment operator in the oil fields, he returned to his roots of what he loves – carpentry. Dave has been working on a 9-apartment unit project at Southern Ave. in Pittsburgh. He receives personal satisfaction in building with his hands and creating something from nothing. After working at many companies throughout his career, Dave sees Shannon Staley & Sons as the first company he’s worked at that when you have concerns or ideas to better the company everyone listens and he sees changes. The people he works with make him feel a part of something special and he sees the ability to advance within the company.

When he's not doing carpentry work, Dave enjoys time with family, hunting, and likes racing. Dale Earnhardt Sr. was his favorite!
Happy Anniversary!
At Shannon Staley & Sons we pride ourselves in creating an environment where employees want to grow in their careers. We strive to hire the best. Our dedicated employees are the backbone of our company and we’re grateful they have chosen to work for us. We’d like to recognize the following employees for their years of service.
Keith Heinlein - 4 Years
Armando Caraballo - 1 Year
Dave Winesickle - 1 Year
Sam Johnston - 1 Year
Rasheed Mallory - 1 Year
Help Wanted!
Are you ready for steady employment and the ability to advance with a winning team? We are accepting applications for a wide variety of trades. Apply now and then choose from our available jobs for immediate consideration.

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Shannon Staley & Son provides reliable construction labor services to volume builders, general contractors, home owner associations, landlords, real estate investors and homeowners.  
"Who we serve: those with a labor reliability problem."
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