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The Rise of Inner Wisdom

Much like the wise tree within the seed, Inner Wisdom is a natural inborn treasure we all have. Inner wisdom is accessed through natural practices such as meditation, yoga , contemplation, nature wisdom walks, and through ancient rituals and ceremonies often held on sacred grounds.

Sacred sites are special areas where original native inhabitants chose to live or hold their ceremonies and are often sites of archeological and historical importance. These areas are known for their serene feel and raised vibrations.

Aruba has several Sacred sites such as Ayo, Seroe Cristal, Alto Vista and Canashito. At this time, our natural and sacred lands are rapidly being turned into commercial lands.

I felt honored to be proposed again to feature as the Wellness model in ATA's
( Aruba Tourism Authority) new promotional videos of Aruba.
Yet, my Inner Wisdom felt it was not right. Observing the chain of hotels ready to be build, catalyzing the influx of 20.000 more inhabitants the coming years is a development I wish not to promote.

Sustainability is a challenge worldwide.
"Every 10 years an area the size of Britain disappears under a jungle of concrete" narrates, David Attenborough, in BBC's newest documentary, Planet Earth II. According to several ecologic footprint studies, we need 4 Earths to provide us with the resources needed to sustain our modern lifestyle.( How Many Earths )
NASA satellites measure that Earth's resources can provide only 3 billion people with this current model of living. Presently, the world population exceeds 7 billion.

Meditation can be a supportive practice to help us build inner sustainability and deal with the pressures of overpopulation.
This self regulating practice can also help us wean off our materialistic word view and develop the qualities needed to move towards a lifestyle of interconnectedness. Qualities such as; simplicity, less over consumption, increased communication skills and empathy.

A beautiful example of sustainability is the growing meditation school programs in countries all over the world. And I am very pleased to see local requests entering.
Research on the benefits of meditation in schools show that ;
Students who practice meditation report having more positive emotions, stronger self-identity, greater self-acceptance, and higher optimism. They also experience reduced stress, anxiety, and depression (Waters et al. 2015).

Another interesting example of sustainability is the global Cohousing Movement,
where people intentionally chose co-living to benefit from the social, economic and ecological advantages. Sharing domestic appliances, tasks, childcare, driving, save both time and money and reduces the impact on the environment.

I believe Inner Wisdom and Science are the two combined forces needed to bridge humanity into a sustainable future.

Looking forward to meditate with you
and may our common Inner Wisdom rise,

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence" ~ Nikola Tesla
Muher Sagrado Nature Retreat
Saturday April 20 - Sunday April 21st
5 pm - 9 am
~ sleep under the stars on a Sacred Site
~ sunset & sunrise meditation
~ fruit fast
~ 12 hrs mobile phone fast
~ Muher Sagrado Circle Ceremony
~ personal silent nature walk
~ celebrate Mother Earth
~ honor Ancient Wisdom
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Sunday March 24
6.30 - 8.30 am

Sunday March 31st
6.30-7.30 am

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