Soul Centered Meditation Workshop
transform your life in 8 weeks
September 27 - November 15 (Thursdays)
7.30 -9.00 pm
at Centro Quivit ( location )
Dear friend,

Last week I said farewell to my oldest son, who was left to study in Holland.
I was expecting a wilder emotional roller coaster ride during our family vacation in the country. I was anticipating where and when my breakdown would happen.
Was it when leaving our home towards the Aruba airport? O r when I entered his new room for the first time or at our final goodbye at the Schiphol airport?
Fortunately, each time I caught myself in " my movie ", I could easily shift back into the moment, where the actual life experience was happening.
The tears came in unexpected moments: when the notification of his new +31 number appeared on my mobile screen, on the last day when we were all gazing out the bus window and when his little brother hugged him for the last goodbye .
I consciously let flow the soft, burning sensation rising from my belly, engulfing my heart and chest, welling up into my stinging eyes, like an ocean tide and lastly erupting into cool tears dripping over my cheeks. After the emotional swell passed, a peculiar sense of sweet relief and refreshing grace remained.
I realize this emotional freedom comes with the accumulated ground of awareness acquired through my meditations.
I can meet life's experiences with openness and less resistance.
Simply feeling sensations as they arise and allow them to lapse back into silence, without adding a layer of drama to it, as emotions also tend to trigger memory of similar events. I could discern the old lonely feelings surging from when my mother passed away long time ago . I could bear witness to it and remain present in the actual situation at hand. Being here and now in the authenticity of the moment, also allowed me to have more rich and meaningful experiences of our trip together which will live forth as detailed vivid memories.
Meditation continues to enrich and fortify my life in so many ways.
I am inspired to offer the Soul Centered workshop again and embark on more meditation adventures with you. I have found that an integrated daily meditation practice was of immense value to those who took the workshop.
They have found breakthroughs in stuck habits, new life visions, deeper peace, appreciation for what they have and who they are.
Each gain is unique to the individual.
For me it has given me the power to set my son free without suffering.
Come experience what sparks appear in your life when meditation becomes a natural part of your daily life.

from my heart to yours,

Soul Centered Workshop
In this 8 week journey we follow the divinely inspired book, Soul Centered, by my meditation teacher, Sarah McLean. Each chapter is centered around a theme, rich in insights, you learn new awareness exercises & daily meditation practices to help you reduce stress, increase your self awareness and live a more fulfilling life.

*Includes an autographed Soul Centered Book by Sarah
* Class Material
* Tea & Cookies
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