The Universe Dwells in Our Hearts
It is My Birthday Today...

48 years ago I came into this world, born prematurely and weighing 3 pounds.The doctor said I would not make it, but the maternity ward nurse assured I would make it because I had my hands in a fist.
I spent 3 months in the incubator.
The picture on the left is my first day home.
Each year I grow older I marvel, wah, I am still alive.
I know my mother, now in heaven, gave me deep unconditional love, consistently and consciously. Still, I ask what is the force?
What is this force that makes anyone overcome the most unthinkable hardships, pain and suffering? I hear many life stories in my work. And I am in awe of our human capacity to prevail.
I am convinced that this force comes from the heart and that the heart of the universe dwells in our heart.

In Sanskrit the Heart Center is called "Anahata" meaning "unhurt" "unstruck" "infinite",
because of the transcendental capacity to rise above all duality and connect with the inexhaustible power of the soul, our true self. The heart is our truth center.
When we say something in earnest like thank you or I am sorry we naturally touch our heart.
(not our nose, head or belly button)
During gratitude, emotional healing or vision board meditations we use the heart as the center.

Our heart is a limitless source of wisdom, love and universal power.
It also stores our deepest desires, beyond the superficial wants of the mind.
During my self inquiry meditations the passed year, I asked "what is my heart's deepest desire?"
A string of desires arise: living close(r) to Mother Earth, a tantric partner, an outdoor bathroom, an electric vehicle, chickens.....although some manifested already, I always end up at this one that feels so far away, like a big step, a dream.... living in a community, a self sustainable community with like hearted and like minded souls. But I leave this for another newsletter.
Let's start simple, let's start with just Community. Connecting with each other again and overcome the isolation and fear the pandemic has caused.
Come- in-Unity
this was the central theme of my vision board this year.

My deepest, richest and most touching experiences in life are: *when I feel the spark of my soul in deep meditation
*when I am in communion with nature
*when I have a true heartfelt connection with another human being.

Do you remember how energizing and nourishing it feels after a deep truthful heart to heart conversation?

We need to circle way more and get out of the squares of our cars, offices and phones!
Sit together, share and talk about what really matters. Like the true purpose of life, the process of awakening, death, life lessons and what is reality? This is called a Satsang
"Satsang" is an Indian practice. It is a spiritual or sacred gathering, it is described as 'association with the wise', 'communion with the truth'. It is a gathering to discover who we really are. Typically a Satsang starts with a 15 minute meditation and the teacher introduces a subject and together the topic is explored, talking circle style and we complete with chanting.
My desire is to connect with you, hear your story and support you. In understanding each other we understand ourselves. The dynamic of meditating together, sharing our heart's stories and life questions is truly healing and we expedite each other's spiritual evolution.
See the details below for the first Satsang happening end of the month or any of the soulful events listed.

I aspire to sit in truth with you,

Here's to our Universal Heart,


*photocourtesy : @islandshotsbypauline
"The little space within the heart is as great as this vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars; fire and lightning and winds are there; and all that now is and all that is not: for the whole universe is in Him and He dwells within our heart."
~ Chandogya Upnaishads
February Schedule
Sunrise Morning Retreat
Sunrise Morning Retreat
Sunday February 6th
Eagle Beach
6.30 - 8.30 am
aaah the early morning hours just for you....

Mindful Walk ~ Breath work ~ Gentle stretches ~ Tea Circle
Personal Silent Time ~ read ~ journal ~ swim
bring your chair, book, bathing suit
*receive exact location upon registry
Parent Child Nature Adventure
Parent Child Nature Adventure
Fun with the 4 Elements
Sunday February 13th
Alto Vista
ages 4-10 yrs
Nature Walk, Learn about Plants and Animals
& Campfire by the ocean

*limited group size
*price is for one parent and one child, f15 for additional child
*to reserve your spot payment must be paid by August 10th
*classes are non-refundable
Rainbow "Awakenings" Circle
Rainbow "Awakenings" Circle
Sleep Under The Stars Camp
Sat Feb 19 - Sun Feb 20
6 pm - 7 am

How renewing and reinforcing it is to sleep under a blanket of Stars,
by the Ocean whispers and bathe in the soft Moon Light.
Sing, play and share heart stories with your brothers and sisters.
Together we Awaken to a deeper level of being, understanding
and connection to All That Is.
That is Rainbow Prophecy coming together from all corners of the society,
regardless of status, beliefs, age and religion.
We unite here to heal and celebrate ourselves and the Earth.

*limited spots
*location details will be shared upon registry
Community Gathering
What is Awakening?
Friday February 25th
at Centro Quivit
Meditation ~ discussion ~ chant ~ tea circle
Mindful March Series
Awaken to more gentleness,
inner freedom and purpose

Saturdays 12.30-2.00 pm
f45 per session

week 1*Awakened Living
week 2 *Embracing Death to Live Fully
week 3 *Emotional Healing
week 4 *Healthy Grieving

Meditation Workshop:
Shanti's Legacy Workshop

April 9 - May 27
Saturdays 12.30-2.00 pm

8 weeks transformational journey
through meditation

NEW: includes access to premium online material, meditation platform and extended support of your journey
*payment plan possible
for info & sign up
297 - 6618133 or reply to email