Parent Child Yoga ~ Rainbow Retreat ~ Enlightenment Meditation Workshop
The Last Year...

"How would you live your life if this was your last year?"
This was my opening message beginning of this year.
I did live this year as if it was my last. Reflecting back:

I realized how many limitations and insecurities I still had and outdated thought patterns that kept me unconsciously trapped and held back. Each time I mustered up courage to break through.

I broke the " I am too busy " spell as often as I could and spent more time with loved ones, made my house guest friendly and had friends and family staying over for the first time in a many years, created an outdoor bathroom under the Shimarucu tree, reconciled with my stepfather, and now I am catching up on all the love I was missing, going to France this winter so my son can meet his French family for the first time. This was a colossal one to manifest.

I boldly took time off and implemented structural self- care and love- life periods.
The realization of events I dreamed of deep in my heart; Nature Retreats and Aruba Rainbow Circle, bringing together what I love the most, nature, unity of hearts and peace on Earth.
The Enlightenment Meditation Workshop (see below) is a weave of all the wisdom, inspiration, insight and message I ever wish to transmit.
True delights were to bring meditation training ( ARA Program) into schools for teachers and students and teach yoga to foster children (in cooperation with YogaGirl Foundation) and give love where it's needed the most.

An interesting observation is that all of these things were relatively easy to do, the biggest challenge was to break through the obstacles within my own mind. Thoughts and beliefs like; I can't handle it, it's too much, too expensive, I am too busy, what will people think, it's easier to stick to what is familiar. When I find myself trapped in these thoughts I find death to be the best consultancy.

The commitment to my enlightenment process and simplification of life is still growing apace. A natural almost inevitable next step is to go minimalistic. Minimalism  is living with the basics. I look forward to live with less expenses and possessions, to transcend the consumer culture and free up time for more being instead of buying . A dear soul sister told me this wisdom:
" own nothing, have everything, own everything, have nothing , when you get this then the true fun begins. " I will keep you posted on the process.

In the mean time I invite you to be courageous.
Courage, comes from the word coeur, that means heart in French ( 'cor' in Latin). Let's live this coming year as our last, take the "coeur-age" to move beyond self imposed limitations and go to the heart of matters !!!

Looking forward to meditate, drum and sing with you
from my heart to yours,
coming up.......
Rainbow Retreat
Pos di Noord, Alto Vista
Saturday Dec 7th - Sunday Dec 8th
5.30 pm - 7.30 am

~ sleep under the stars
~ sunset & sunrise yoga & meditation
~ fruit fast
~ mobile phone detox
~ Sacred Songs
~ celebrate Mother Earth
~ children 12 & up welcome

max 10 sign up to receive details
donation event

6 week Meditation Workshop
Sat Jan 11.18.25 Feb 1.6. (Sun)16
Are you ready to come home to your true organic state
of inner freedom and peace?

Move beyond stress , conditioning and fears through meditation.

This workshop is a weave of ancient wisdom, insights and time-tested practices that aid in healing and transformation.

In this workshop you :
* build a personal lifetime meditation practice
* learn powerful meditation techniques & breathing exercises
* deepen your present moment awareness with daily exercises
* understand the science of stress
* learn about your bio-spiritual anatomy
* get in touch with your Heart’s Intelligence
Includes :
Journaling, weekly themes, insights and assignments.

Bring: a journal and pen
Snacks & tea provided
to reserve a spot reply to email or whats app 6618133
register at Island Yoga (official registration opens December)


" It is nectar for the soul" 
~ Nadia Dresscher

"I love how each workshop has something new,
some new knowledge, some new development"
~ Zanette Refunjol

" You can't miss it!"
~ Davide Bugatti

"The benefits are honestly beyond anything that I expected. "
 ~ Jamie
contact & sign up 297 - 6618133