May Silence Become Your Sanctuary
It's not the downward dog, it's not the breathing technique, it's not the power mantra, it's not the's s i l e n c e..... Silence is the ultimate healer.
Poses and techniques are mere tools to transport you to your silent core.

I have observed for a long time how many on the path of healing are seeking information. It is easy to get hypnotized by the never ending external information all around. Collecting and absorbing information incessantly, ordering many wisdom books online, taking training and courses, one after the other and following a legion of people on social media for the latest soul food. We turn to Google for information and pinterest for creative ideas. We have become habituated and dependent on finding answers outside.

We forgot that we are divinely created instruments. As you are sitting here now reading these words you have the capacity to access all the information that you need for your inspiration, evolution and enlightenment. You are God's software, you are a perfect, ingenious creation.

You have natural receptors for cosmic wisdom embedded in your biology.
The cosmic life force energy that is flowing through you right now, that allows your heart to beat and the earth to turn and the sun to shine, is consciousness and it has information in it. One of my beloved teachers Sarah Mc Lean reminds us that consciousness is information.
The more consciousness you cultivate the more information you receive.
There is information stored on each level of consciousness.

We are naturally linked to these higher levels of consciousness through energy lines.
There are 4 major energy lines intersecting in the center of the brain.
These centers transmit and receive energy much like radars & satellites.
They are connected to the major brain glands like pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus.
The pineal gland, of which the biological function till today is not fully understood by science, has to do with the capacity to "travel'' to higher consciousness levels and receive cosmic data. (fyi, the pineal gland's function is inhibited by EMFs)

Ancient wisdom was primarily received from this source.
Masters received information through inner cosmic channels and transmitted it orally to students. Transmission of wisdom was originally an oral tradition in all ancient cultures.
Jesus, neither Buddha were walking around with books. The first written holy texts whether it is the Vedas or the Bible appeared much later in history.

Therefore you should not hoard external information from others, this is horizontal and second hand information, your primary task is to be in direct experience,

the truly powerful way to expedite your enlightenment
is to get the information directly and vertically through
direct experience

Direct experience is being consciously oriented in the here and now.
In direct experience you can receive information through your hara line, also called Brahma nadi, channel of the Absolute, the vertical energy line running through the spine that plugs into the Heart of the Cosmos and Creation. In direct experience the knowledge received can be applied and transmuted into wisdom.

Nothing mystical, it is much like Monarch butterflies knowing to fly south in the winter, like elephants knowing to find the waterhole in the endless desert and like the turtles knowing to nest on Eagle beach after a long journey in the ocean.

Silence is the gateway.
When the mind is still and empty it is open to receive, to hear, see and feel the cosmic messages.

in silence you find more answers than in any book

Declutter your mind and clean your senses for higher perception.

I invite you this week to stop following everyone, no podcasts, no youtube or instagram, no books, follow only yourself. Give up all your distractions. The universe is talking to you.

Come explore silence at Casibari and Ayo or experience a full day Silent Retreat at the North Shore. Maybe you feel to dance your mind empty in the ecstatic dance under the stars.

If you feel to baby steps into silence, follow the #7daysilencechallenge on instagram
or download pdf #7daysilencechallenged

Start making silence your sanctuary,
Aspiring to meditate with you,
Sunrise Mindfulness Retreat
Sunrise Mindfulness Retreat
Saturday May 29th
Ayo Rock Formation
6.30 - 8.30 am
Mindfulness Session ~ Silent Walk ~ Journaling ~ Fruit & Tea
limited groupsize

1 Day Silent Retreat
New Moon Silent Retreat
North Shore
Sunday June 6th
7.30 am to 5.30 pm
Gentle Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Silent Practice ~ Fruit Fast ~ Journaling
receive location and program details upon registration
limited group size

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New Moon Ecstatic Dance
New Moon Ecstatic Dance
with DJ Solar Plexus & Shanti
Thursday June 10
San Nicolas
Drumming Circle ~ Meditation & Yoga Flow ~ Dance
location announced upon registration
limited spots
Casibari Silent Morning
Silent Morning
Wednesday June 2 & 9
7.00-8.00 am
Mindfulness Meditation - Silent Walk - Tea
limited spots
for info
297 - 6618133 or reply to email