The New Journey
My beloved friends,

"How do you feel now?", most ask me. It's been 3 months since Prana closed.
When an impactful, weighty, life changing decision is made, you never know how the other side will look like until you get there.
Passing through the uncertainty and doubt, took courage, patience and faith.
The commitment to my desire for simplicity was impelling me forward.

Firstly, I feel deeply grateful for my new teaching sanctuary, Centro Quivit .
I am falling in love with this new jewel in the heart of town. Thank you to director Sophia Slegers and many loving hands from the community for creating this gem.

Secondly, I feel like a caterpillar that has just molted it's old, tight skin.
The new space feels liberating and this freedom allows me to work with less distraction on my higher purpose.
Enlightenment, Self Realization or "Self- Actualization" as Abraham Maslow, pioneer of humanitarian psychology, calls it, is " a state of psychological wholeness or completeness and is our species most natural aim."
This aim often goes hand in hand with simplicity of life as it takes dedication and energy, therefore it's not uncommon that many yogi's renounce their worldly life in pursuit of this sublime stage.
I remember back at Prana, in a contemplative, waiting moment between clients,
I commented out loud to the Buddha statue: ", you left your family..?" with some self-pity that I can not renounce like that because I am not a princess in a palace, but a single mom with 2 growing children. To my console, in my latest literature on enlightenment, I came across the revelation that a vast majority of India's women saints achieved Self Realization while cleaning their homes and raising their children. As a householder you can be devoted to attaining the supreme goal or bliss. This is known as being a ghrihasthashrami.
" You can turn your home into an ashram (a place where people devote all their time and energy to the remembrance of God, doing selfless service and develop qualities of love, patience and respect for others), men should see their wives as the Divine Mother and women should see their husbands as the Lord of the World and serve their families with humility and selflessness. It will take effort and mental disciplining but it is possible. " says Ammachi, a popular Indian woman saint still alive today. So no one needs to renounce the world.
Even amidst the busy-ness of our lives we can pursue this noble way.
" When you really have the desire to do something, time and proper condition will be at our disposal" says Ammachi.
While the caves in the mountain still call me, I will embrace my life as a householder and engage in enlightenment and share with you my findings and inspiration. Therefore I dedicate my personal website to enlightenment of all, hoping at least it's of some value to your happiness and well being.

from my heart to yours,

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