Waking Up to Myself
It feels as remembering the memory of a memory .
It's asking something grand of me, to flip over my world and walk on a new surface, here my limited beliefs hold no roots, my mind is learning a new thinking language,
the river of my consciousness now flows determined to the source it always belonged. The season is here to live a new prayer.
I desire to bloom anew as life demands this of me, because the old place is no longer fertile and the ashes of old dreams show evidence, as the sky awaits the new growth,
I set fresh footprints in this unknown yet homey place  

(poems out of a meditating heart)

gently adoring this miniature flower
one of the many labyrinths in Sedona

Meditating in the Peace Park a holy land to the natives
"Tat Tvam Asi"
 तत् त्वम् असि or तत्त्वमसि
"That thou art" 
or " there I go " 

My Sedona Trip part 2
We started as strangers and said goodbye like a family.
How come after spending long daily hours together for a week causes this melting of hearts?
Is it the the heightened energy waves naturally present in Sedona? The purifying effects of meditation?
Or is it simply the way the heart works?  The answer must be a blend of all of the above.

On the first day of the training I noticed how different we all were. As if the Universe had to show off her spectacular human diversity. With a colorful range of occupancies: stay at home mom, schoolteacher, massage therapist, hairdresser, health professional, and corporate workers. We were unique in the way we look, speak, think and talk. 
One of the things we learned while sitting daily in the circle is that when the mind settles in meditation, the emotions follow. Undergoing this cleansing process bonded us in a mysterious way and it exposed clearly how our hearts speak the same language. "Holding space" is a valuable skill we learned ( being present in silent support while the other is experiencing an emotional release)

Somehow when our stress masks dissolve our hearts start to sync.
Did you know that the heart's electromagnetic field is 100x stronger than that of the brain? And that there's an energetic communication system operating right beneath our regular level of awareness? It's called "cardio electromagnetic communication".
This activates when we are engaged in compassionate activities with each other.

Here's a link Sarah, my meditation teacher shared with us about the heart:
                                  The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

And she taught us the word : "Tatvamasi ", "There I go" referring to the ancient wisdom that we are all made of the same creation material or source energy.
" I am simply another you" and we are more intertwined and connected than we ever realized.  Next time you catch yourself judging, criticizing, blaming others, remember:

                                      "Tat Tvam Asi"  - " There I go "


          Let's Meditate !!

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gentle attention
(Shama my youngest son filmed this video, he's a proud director)

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June 3rd Mindful Breathing
June10th Mindful Walking
June 17th Mindful Eating
 June 24th Loving Kindness Meditation
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Dialuna Juni 13,20,27, Juli 4
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June Mondays  No regular meditation classes due to workshop !!

learn in each class new meditation insights & tools to meditate successfully
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