Shanti's Sabbatical and Gift to Mother Earth  
Inner Seasons

The Aloe blooms in May, 
the Yeye's song marks the end of the dry season, 
Just as nature has it's seasons, 
our inner nature also has it's seasons...
After teaching yoga for 14 years and having stepped into the Prana doorway 10 years ago... I feel I am entering a new season of my life.
In my daily meditations I've been hearing new inner whispers, tends to happen when you meditate regularly, your soul's desires surface and kindle you to advance further on your path to happiness and self -realization.
The word 'Sabbatical' appear in my mind, meaning ' Ceasing' and
"any extended period of leave from one's customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new new skills or training" as defined in the dictionary. 
Although the Bible mentions a sabbatical occurring every 7th year and lasts for a year. My sabbatical will last for 3 months. I will step out of the routines and responsibilities of Prana and explore the footsteps of my soul, let her take over my inner GPS fully for a while.  I am not sure where I will land, the lift off feels majestic and scary at the same time.  I have a long list of fun/meaningful things to do , I am sure you know what I mean. Like painting my kitchen cupboards with flowers, create a labyrinth in my garden, complete the family photo album that's been on hold since my second son was born 9 years ago, ofcourse, write a book and develop new ways to share my passion of giving and teaching...
Yet the most important goal is to bring up my meditation period to 2 hours a day, ride more bicycle and be without my mobile , yes I am going back to answering machine and email...
This will provide me with enough fresh new breezes to reorient and renew..
I am exited that I am taking the courage to do it and I am most grateful for the support of the AMAZING Prana Team; Marcelle, Leontine , Ellen & Carina. 
I am forever thankful !
A deep thank you to all my students, clients and friends for another beautiful year,  see you in the next season..!!


Plastic Challenge Part 1

' I hereby promise not to use disposable plastic anymore' 

Did you know that the first plastic ever made is still on the Earth? 
The Earth can not biodegrade plastic, it is forever. 

It burdens my heart to see plastic waste accumulate and intoxicate our lands and oceans.  In these modern times plastic might be essential in areas such as the medical professions and hospitals. Yet do we stand still how much plastic we use simple for our temporary convenience? This coming year I choose  to be more conscious in my plastic consumption. 
I choose to love the Earth, protect ,preserve and celebrate her beauty. 
The next time you see me at an event or party, I might look freaky and weird with my metal straw, cup or plate but I do it ! I do it for the whales, the dolphins, the unborn babies and I do it for  you ! 

                     Here's Merry Christmas to our Mother Earth !!
                                 Stay tuned for Plastic Challenge Part 2
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