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The Timeless Soul 

Well, according to my calendar it's been 10 months since I committed to a daily meditation practice. I am ongoingly charmed by the meditation benefits that reveal as I go about my ordinary doings. Like being less forgetful, finding my keys quicker (this is big for me), saying thank you and I am sorry with earnest. The latest came in during bedtime story with my son, I suddenly realized we haven't done our  "pull- out-my - grey-hair -for 5c- a- piece" ritual in a looong time. My son affirmed.
Increased research findings back up that meditation slows the aging process of the brain and that daily meditation preserve brain structures involved in memory formation,emotional regulation and voluntary movements amongst others.
The Alzheimer R&P foundation has a full page dedicated to a meditation technique, that we will practice in one of the upcoming meditation series.
Yet meditation offers much more than greying gracefully. I remember visiting my grandmother in the elderly home in her last days. Her immaculate peace of mind always impressed me particularly on this day, seeing the lady next to her being strapped down on a chair while resisting violently the fact that her body gave up walking.  My grandmother accepted her mounting limitations throughout the years and always carried with here these silent sage like qualities of faith and contentment. And I wonder was it her impeccable devotion to her intense daily prayers? Neuroscientist, Andrew Newberg, links meditation practices and faithful prayers to optimal brain health & functioning. According to his findings when we meditate or pray (to a benevolent God) a specific brainstructure called the Anterior Cingulate activates allowing us to experience love and compassion.
The long time purpose and goal of yoga was always aimed at meditation for ultimate detachment from identification with the world and the time sensitive body.  
Whether we are spiritual, scientific or religious, meditation and awareness practices lead us to that place that feels timeless, silent, ever youthful, colorful and loving ,we refer to as our Soul. 
I welcome you to journey with me through these new meditation programs,
let's be Soulful !!

New meditation workshop !! 

' Soul - Centered '   Book Study Club
"a transformational journey through meditation..."
September 7- October 19 ( Wednesdays)
7.30-9.00pm  f180

  " When you are Soul- Centered, your attention is in the present moment, receiving it, welcoming it. You accept things as they are matter what happens you can handle it..You have a receptive awareness and your natural state is calm,peaceful , and loving towards yourself and others "

 " How do you become soul-centered?
The best way I've found is thr ough the practice of meditation"   
Sarah McLean 

In this 8 week journey we follow the divinely inspired book written by Sarah McLean, my dear meditation teacher from Sedona.
This book is based on her own journey through meditation.

Each chapter is centered around a theme, rich in insights, you learn new  Awareness exercises & Meditation practices to help you reduce stress, increase your self awareness, and live a more fulfilling life.

Of all the study books I read in my meditation teacher training this one touch my heart the deepest, it's written in a simple, light ,clear & to the point language.

Order this book with me and received an autographed copy !!!
(limited spaces)

Mindfulness Walk
Wednesdays 7.15-8.00 am Butterfly Farm f12

Monday Meditation Series
7.30-8.30pm Prana f70/or f20 per class

Sept 5 : Hatha Flow & Mala Meditation ;
Powerful traditional hatha yoga exercises & learn to meditate with a meditation necklace (for sale at Prana)

Sept 12: Eckasha Maharic Seal
ancient meditation technique to activate higher chakras

Sept 19:  Kundalini Yoga & Kirtan Kriya ;
I share my favorite kundalini exercises with you and practice this powerful mantra  & mudra meditation endorsed by the
Alzheimers R & P Foundation

Sept 26: Candle Light Yoga & Tratak Meditation

Yogaflow by Candle Light & Candle Gazing Meditation

coming soon: Silent Meditation Evening (free & unguided)

Shanti's Meditation Services:
- Intro to Meditation Lecture for groups/ businesses
- Meditation Workshops/ Seminars / Retreats
- Personal Counseling for relief & management of chronic stress, burnout, depression and anxiety waves.

Payment Plan possible.

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