My Cherished Friend,

It's my 44th birthday as I write this letter. 
The prominent feeling is Gratitude, for my family, friends and my work, even with the big shift ahead of letting the center go... read on
One year ago during my sabbatical I already sensed a new cycle dawning.
During one of my favorite meditation techniques, Thought Monitoring or Filing, where you label the the category of the thought as it arises, I realized that 80% of my thoughts were about managing the logistics of the center,  (w e have about 35 to 48 thoughts per minute ) , leaving a meager percentage for  kids and household management and some residual space to attend my enlightenment process.
 (which happens to be my highest goal in life). 
I remember my Sundays writing long lists of things to do for the center before getting out of bed, so I can walk into the day with some clarity.
I felt intuitively I needed to change my life around and as I continued with my daily meditation practice it became clear I had to make a choice to either be the director of a center OR  a teacher. My most precious moments are when I am in a direct heart to heart space with people and making a difference in their lives. 
I researched and discovered that I have taught over 4000 classes ! in 15 years to students all ages. A dults, teens, children, mom and babies and pregnant women. 
And I am still loving it !
As a director, I loved the opportunity to create meaningful events for the local community. I loved networking with and hosting other local and international teachers, professionals , artists and heaIers. I have had many highlights of magical moments during our festivals, trainings and workshops. 
Yet giving all this extra time and energy running a center removed me from the essence of my work, my true passion and calling which is teaching. 
Not coincidentally this synchronizes with the Prana building being put up for sale last July and sold last month. Which made it evident that a new path lay ahead 
and a final choice...
"  the simplicity of returning to the essence " 
As a teacher nomad, find me at the next community center, school, company, maybe your social or business event or in nature doing what I love, is pass on and share the wisdom, light and love for the enlightenment of all,

from my heart to yours!

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