Mindful Christmas

I am doing it too, driving around like crazy, wanting to close off things in a special way. Planning meetings to create meaningful memories.
Yet I also acknowledge that there is a heightened spiritual frequency in the air around Christmas. I was not brought up in the Christian or Catholic tradition, still I feel the Sacredness and the call to slow down, be in stillness, meditate and connect with spirit. Which I feel is the true way to celebrate Christmas.

According to advanced spiritual teachings this is the favorable time to activate our Christ Consciousness or 12th dimensional level, the highest level of consciousness we can reach in this human body.

I am mindful to use this auspicious time and not to get lost in excessive shopping, over socializing and irregular eating.

I practice Mindful Christmas to honor the wish for my Christmas experience to be more spiritual, less commercial, also less impactful on the planet and on my wallet.

I limit Christmas dinners, I buy zero waste gifts
(check out the thezerowastespot)
I plan my silent practices and appointment- free days ahead of time.

Mindful Christmas helps us have more meaningful experiences, it lightens our Ecological Footprint, we preserve our health and we benefit from the expanded energy in the atmosphere.

May you have a Mindful Merry Christmas,
from my heart to yours,
Tips for a Mindful & Meaningful Christmas

Be Earth Friendly
  • Decorate your tree with non plastic items
  • get gifts that are recycled or reusable
  • buy locally produced food & gifts
check : ArubaZeroWaste guide

Mindful Eating
  • leave 1/4 of your plate empty
  • take small bites & chew well (you fill up quicker & digest better)
  • try a local vegan caterer for your party
check: 3xmhealth
  • plan your dinners early to promote digestion

Meaningful Company
Meaningful and heartfelt connections fill us with energy
Over socializing with large crowds can leave us drained
  • be selective with who you want to spent your time
  • who really makes you smile and sing?
  • schedule in time for solitude

Remember it is a Holy Day Season
a favorable time for spiritual practice

Give the Gift of Meditation
Instead of a physical gift, give an experience
$12 per person
Feature Heading
gift idea

special price

to support your meditation practice

End of Year Yoga Flow &
Fire Ceremony
with Jess, Shanti & live music by Caleto

Wednesday December 29th
6.30-8.00 pm
at Island Yoga

sign up
limited spots

Vision Board 2022
Sunday January 9th
Centro Quivit 10 am - 1 pm
includes material and a vegan soup
YOU, are a walking prayer.
Everything you say, feel and do creates your tapestry of life.
You manifest your life moment to moment by what you send out from your energy field.
When you feel confused, stressed, unfocused and misaligned, that is what your life reflects back.

Now is your chance to break free from this pattern.
In this Vision Board Workshop you will align with your true purpose and passion and make it come to live on your personal vision board. You will look at it everyday throughout 2022..and watch the magic happen! This is not fantasy. Vision board makers and students who took the workshop know this. It is simply how the universe works.

We start off with a soft yoga session and breath work to peel off layers of stress.
In a guided meditation we dive into the pool of our soul and collect our forgotten dreams and heart desires. We create the vision board in silence and complete with my favorite home made vegan soup.

I can't wait to see your manifestation in 2022!

Sign up now by replying to this email or whats app

*payment must be completed before January 1st to reserve your spot.
Sacred Woman Retreat
Sunday January 30th
6.30 am - 5.30pm
$111 / f195
private location
includes smoothies & a vegan lunch
Women have been gathering since ancient times for healing support and empowerment.
During this retreat, YOU, are central. The carefully set up program allows for privacy and solitude, rest and recovery, reflection and intention, sharing & connecting.

A woman tends to give beyond her capacity. To uphold and protect others she sacrifices herself.
Because she is so prodigious, she can endure the deepest hardships and still move forwards through the fiercest storms.

Today you can let down your armors and surrender by the breathtaking oceanscape.

I create this Sacred Space to rest your head upon the earth, soothe your feet in the waters and
listen to the silent heartbeat of nature.

This day you will be part of a sister tribe, who understand you and honor your path of healing.

We will engage in Gentle Yoga, Mindfulness Poetry, Inspirational Readings, Sharing Circle and a Sacred Woman Ceremony.

Your inscription includes
  • my home made heavenly smoothies
  • herbal tea
  • a warm vegan lunch by Marlon Moore's sxmhealth

*Upon registry you will receive the location details and what to bring
*Sign up via email or whats app and complete the payment before January 23rd to reserve your spot
297 - 6618133 or reply to email