Meditation is engaging in an intimate relationship with yourself....

Meditation is engaging in an intimate relationship with yourself....

No meditation is the same, just as each sunset is a new surprise. 
Each time you tread your inner realm with a conscious focus, whether you feel it or not, something always happens. Your system starts cleansing and balancing. Often these benefits or 'healthy adjustments' emerge in your daily active life rather than during the meditation itself.

Healthy adjustments...
Over the passed few months I lost all desire for sweet chocolate and salted dried prunes which were my favorite after meal snack for a long time.
Next to this peculiar phenomena, my  favorite meditation benefit lately is 
                                           the gift of 'response-time'. 
Most of us carry conditioned habits, also known as the default network in our nervous system, which make us react compulsively or show routine behavior in certain situations.  Response time is that, subtle silent space available to you where you can pause and reflect or take a deep breath before acting. So many misunderstandings, overreactions and assumptions can be avoided if we have access to this response time in our system. Daily meditation is a way to generate this extra dimension.

I am exited to offer for the 3 rd time the 8 week Soul Centered Transformational Meditation Journey, I have seen this program transform the lives of my clients, friends and including my own. I look forward to meditate with you and help you make meditation a successful part of your life.

                                                      ~ Shanti

Meditation Workshop
with Shanti 

' Soul - Centered '   Book Study Club
"a transformational journey through meditation..."
October 23 - December 11 ( 8 Mondays)
7.30-9.00 pm

An autographed book by the author !!

  " When you are Soul- Centered, your attention is in the present moment, receiving it, welcoming it. You accept things as they are matter what happens you can handle it..You have a receptive awareness and your natural state is calm,peaceful , and loving towards yourself and others "

 " How do you become soul-centered?
The best way I've found is thr ough the practice of meditation"   
Sarah McLean 

In this 8 week journey we follow the divinely inspired book 
written by Sarah McLean, my dear meditation teacher from Sedona.
This book is based on her own journey through meditation.

Each chapter is centered around a theme, rich in insights, you learn new  Awareness exercises & Meditation practices to help you reduce stress, increase your self awareness, and live a more fulfilling life.

Of all the study books I read in my meditation teacher training this one touch my heart the deepest, it's written in a simple, light ,clear & to the point language. Each time I reread it my soul expands.

(limited spaces)

Meditation magic is back at the Butterfly Farm !
New time Wednesdays 7.30-8.15 am
(now a Donation Class, you can donate money, love, gratitude, smiles..)


..walk with yourself as you are...walk into the moment as it is...

..walk with yourself as you are...walk into the moment as it is...

Shanti's Meditation Services:
- Intro to Meditation Lecture for social groups/ businesses
- Meditation Workshops/ Seminars / Retreats
- Personal Counseling for relief & management of chronic stress, burnout, depression and anxiety waves.

Payment Plan possible.

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