September Leave

Sweet friends,

I am giving myself permission to take a mini leave of absence this month.
I say permission because I recognize how many of us tend to carry on despite inner signals to slow down and rest. It is not because we are conditioned per se, but because we are passionate, dedicated and believe in what we do........ .aaannd of course as an entrepreneur, the fear of losing (too much) income.

But I learned long time ago, better lose some income now to boost your powers than to lose a whole lot when your incapacitated to work at all.
I will continue the regular weekly classes but there will be no nature events.
For this month I will walk the sunrise, ecstatically dance and retreat in silence alone.

I look forward to more frequent and longer meditations to raise my endorphins and get that meditator's high. Endorphins are the feel good hormones released during meditation practice (p s. until you learn to meditate you can try these fun alternatives too: laugh, workout, eat chocolate and make love)

Remember we are not robots, we are human beings that go through cycles and seasons. Are you listening to your inner signals?

be gentle with yourself,
Things to look forward to in October
1 Day Silent Retreat
Sunday October 10th
yoga ~ mindfulness ~ nature ~ fruit fast ~ meditation
private location

"The best way to recharge your battery is to take part of such a day.
Everything is done to give you the opportunity to dig inside and be one with the elements. The location is peaceful and beautiful, Shanti gives clear instructions and guidance, the silence does its thing and everything combine gives you the lesson you need to pursue your own path. Thank you Shanti."
~ Claudia
Shanti's Legacy
Enlightenment Meditation Workshop at Island Yoga
Saturday October 9th
12.30-2.00 pm
 (limited spots)
for the first time
ONLINE Enlightenment Meditation Workshop (via zoom)
starts Wednesday October 13th
11 am - 12.30pm AST
I created this online workshop for my international friends
and fore those wishing to stay in the comfort of their homes

Shanti's Legacy

I call this workshop My Legacy, because it contains all the universal wisdom, insights and knowledge I accumulated and want to pass on before I die.

I have endured and overcome deep grief, clinical depression, postpartum depression and burn outs. Each episode lead to me discover my naturally enlightened core.
I realized over and over again how we hold the potential to experience love and fulfillment, regardless of external circumstances.
I learned to:

"feel pain without suffering,
feel solitude without loneliness, love without fear,
experience failure without shame
& make better chocolate cakes."

These are a few of the many personal benefits I gained through meditation.
From deep spiritual healing to practical things, like cooking and stop losing my keys.
I believe our bodies are build for meditation. Through meditation the physical, mental and emotional layers are gently cleansed from stress, tension and traumas. This allows us to access and embody our inner source of wisdom, power, wholeness and interconnection to all.

In this workshop you will learn:
-What Meditation Truly is
-How to Meditate Successfully for Sustained Benefits & Growth
-Effective Breathing Techniques for Daily Balance
-Powerful Meditation Techniques and Mindfulness Practices
-Psychophysiology of Stress
-Multi-Dimensional Anatomy and Chakras
-The Art of Emotional Healing
-The Power and Wisdom of the Heart
-The Brain Science
-Manifesting the Organic Way
& more

Each week is structured around a theme.
You receive insights, journaling and home assignments.

It’s an honor to embark on this journey with you!

You may now sign up at Island Yoga and reply via email or whats app 6618133 to sign up for the online course.


" Grab the chance of following this workshop with both hands if it arrives on your path " ~ Sacha

“If you take this class when you are 18 you are set for life”
~ Caroliz Perez-Acevedo, psychotherapist

" Don't Hesitate " ~ Diana Wever Salcedo, psychologist

" It is a life changing experience" ~ Anonymous
I will continue these weekly classes......
Meditation at
the Butterfly Farm
Wednesdays 7.15-8.00am f12
sign up required - limited spots
whats app 6618133
Hatha Yoga at Island Yoga
Thursdays 7-8pm
f24 or f192 for 10 classes
sign up required
whats app 5940911
297 - 6618133 or reply to email