My Cherished Friend,
I am happy I finally decided to create a personal newsletter .
Because I feel I want to share more with you.
I am convinced it's the nature of the heart to be open and giving.

It felt so good writting this newsletter, almost therapeutic. 
I think everyone should have a "Heart Page" so we'll discover how similar our scars, joys & dreams are. And also discover how liberating it is to open up your heart.
It's a gift to yourself and the world. 

here's from my heart to yours!
Feeling the strong Energy Vortex
sweet blooming flowers of all colors were everywhere.._
Charming spring flowers everywhere

" It's a Good World" 
My Sedona Trip part 1
(I love this revolutionizing title ! )
After taking 6 planes, 2 buses,2 taxis and travelling a total of 26 hrs form East to West US. I have consciously chosen to observe humanity. Stepping on this travel I felt somewhat cautious & insecure about travel alone. Yet what caught my attention over and over again was the common friendliness and goodness of so many people. I was touched. It started the minute I checked in, at the gates, in the plane, in the taxi, supermarket, public bathrooms,it just continued. On my way back I was reflecting on this. I must admit I was biased and I am sure most of us are unconsciously affected and caught up in the bad and sad news of the world, we must remember that the dominating news media is mainly a business and therefore one sided. 

            Let's Meditate !!

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Meditation Series 
May 9: Sitting Meditation
May 16: Candle Meditation ( Tratak)
May 23: Mala Meditation (bring your mala (meditation beads)
or available at Prana for f15 / f35 
June 6:Atma Vichar
F18.50 per class of f60 for all series 

learn in each class new meditation insights & tools to meditate successfully
                                       Peace..the New Normal

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