Shanti's Heart

Reflections on Sabbatical 
My Dear Friend,

I am 1 month into my post- sabbatical period. 
Looking back I want to share my experience with you. 

I enjoyed living an unhurried life, unruled by clock time and social media.  
I loved the simplicity of having only one key on my key chain. 
I loved the random open spaces in the day to  smell and kiss my orchids and see all the secret spots our puppy hides her treats. I loved the subtle experiences that come along with slower living, like discovering the evolving flavor tones of melting chocolate on my tongue. And finding again my passion for piano! I didn't write my book, ride the bike or organized the family album as I intended but I welcomed the surprises that freedom of routine offered and ....
 the confrontations, t he overlooked stalled maintenance in the household and garden. The fact that my little son missed me more than I realized and my older son on the other hand was more  evolved in his independency than I the relationships needed attention.
Yet my highest goal in the sabbatical period was to extend my meditation period to 2 hrs a day. At first it was scary to see how full and busy my life still could get without running the center. The first 2 weeks were chaotic, I had no rhythm, I felt stressed and unfocused. Than I choose to follow a breakthrough meditation program where I would regulate social life, reading, tv-watching and film- going for 3 weeks.
This set a calm tone and foundation for the rest of the sabbatical.  
I meditated a total of 131.44 hrs in 90 days. Almost 2 hrs a day.
I learned about what I call, the Deep Cleaning Cycle, when you pass the 45 minute threshold in meditation. Some domains of the brain take that long to settle allowing your consciousness to deepen and flow into subtle inner regions. Consciousness is a natural, cleansing, balancing force. At some point in meditation I could feel and almost hear the shifts and breakthroughs like old barriers cracking open and dissolving. Not exactly pleasant at the moment but the freedom and clarity that I walk with the days after are magical. 

I realized what I extract of a meditation practice is far more lasting and permanent than the fleeting peace and expansion after a yoga practice.
This morning I enjoyed my sun salutations and shoulderstands but the true rejoice is in the end when I can sit still and flow within. 

Life is faster now yet still the gifts of the sabbatical color my life field. 
I live with more awareness and enjoyment, I can regulate the busy-ness
more skillfully and  I experience a higher quality in the same life. 
New dreams emerged, but that's for another letter.

I believe everyone should periodically renew oneself, it's the winter of the seasons, the cocoon of the butterfly's life cycle. 
Just as in nature it should be a part of the human's life.


"  The Pearl is in the Oyster and the Oyster is at the Bottom of the Sea.
Dive Deep " - KABIR


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When you are Soul- Centered, your attention is in the present moment, receiving it, welcoming it. You accept things as they are matter what happens you can handle it..You have a receptive awareness and your natural state is calm,peaceful , and loving towards yourself and others "

 " How do you become soul-centered?
The best way I've found is through the practice of meditation"   
                                     ~ Sarah McLean 
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Of all the study books I read in my meditation teacher training this one touch my heart the deepest, it's written in a simple, light ,clear & to the point language. Each time I reread it my soul expands.

On the Silent Sunday we integrate all we have learned and experienced in a calming morning of silence, relaxation and mindfulness. We close with a Meditation Circle and enjoy nourishing teas, juices and vegan treats together.
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E Joya di Meditacion

" Mi Claridad tin mas Luz y  Mi Scuridad ta mas Cla"

- Shanti

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