~ March 18, 2021 ~
The Ideas Worth Teaching Awards recognize faculty providing the skills and
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The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Gianpiero Petriglieri
How can leaders work to "ensure that different views and stories can thrive in the same space and enrich those who live in it”? INSEAD professor Gianpiero Petriglieri discusses leadership and values in his award-winning course, Ethics: Value-based Leadership for Cosmopolitans.
Collaborative Fund: Morgan Housel
Money is a window into individuals, values, systems, and society. What can we learn about investing from other fields, and vice versa?
The New York Times: Lauren Hirsch
This isn’t the first time activist shareholders have pushed back against purpose-driven leadership. Which side will win this battle for the soul of capitalism? (also see A Call to Action on Sustainable Corporate Governance)

from The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program
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Harvard Business Review: Roy Swan
"Not only does oppression of Black people exact a terrible toll on the American economy and its taxpayers, but the elimination of systemic barriers would deliver profit potential.” How can corporations help repair discrimination’s impact on our economy, and society? (also see The Sum of Us)
"Doing nothing will be bad for business”: What needs to happen for big money to save the planet, and itself? (also see Green Markets Won’t Save Us and Green is Good: MBA Programs are Teaching Sustainability and Responsible Business)
Issues in Science and Technology: William E. Spriggs
"Economists have no way to accommodate such nonmarket forces into their thinking about the economy.” How should theory be shaped to reality, rather than the other way around? (also see What Bankers Should Learn from the Traditions of Pastoralism)
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