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Thank you for your continued interest in addressing housing challenges in Spokane. You are receiving this email because you have shown interest in the Housing Action Plan and requested information about housing topics. The 2021 Housing Action Plan provided several recommendations and the City Plan Commission along with the Planning Services department have been discussing seven initial proposed amendments outlined on
Plan Commission Meeting Recap
City Plan Commission workshops have been held to review and discuss proposed revisions to residential zoning codes including accessory dwelling units, various kinds of small-scale housing like duplexes and attached housing and lot size transition requirements. The meeting held on April 13 reviewed draft code language related to the residential code language for accessory dwelling units and the short plat application process. Get more information from the meeting video and view the discussion presentation at the project webpage.
Accessory Dwelling Units
Increase flexibility of development and design standards for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU).
Short Plat Application Process
Reduce or streamline the notification and commenting requirements.
We want your feedback!
You can review a description of each proposal on the project webpage, which will be updated as the draft revisions evolve.
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Coming Up
Planning Services Staff at Riverfront Spring Market April 27 from 3-7 p.m.
You're invited to ask questions and provide feedback with City planners about the proposed Shaping Spokane Housing changes being considered right now. The Spring Market is located in the Riverfront Pavilion event space.

Plan Commission Meeting on Wednesday, April 27 at 2 p.m.
The Commission will revisit the City's residential zones, including provisions for additional attached housing (townhouses) and duplexes, as well as design standards for these and single-family residential development types. The Commission will also consider changes to the short plat application process draft text.
Attached Housing (Townhouses)
Encourage infill development, update development and design standards to integrate with neighborhood character.
Duplexes in Residential Single Family (RSF) Zone
Expand the permitted zoning districts and lot types, update design standards to integrate with neighborhood character.
Plan Commission Public Hearing on Wednesday, May 11 at 4 p.m.
The Commission will take testimony from the public on proposed changes to development regulations for accessory dwelling units, lot size transition, and the short plat application process. The Commissions will also consider making a recommendation to the City Council on the proposed changes.

Please visit the Plan Commission webpage to view the agenda that contains packet materials available for review and instructions for joining the hybrid in-person/virtual meetings.
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