October 29, 2014
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To: Members and Friends of the Maryland Green Registry


    The Maryland Green Registry member profiles are chock full of environmental tips and success stories, but we know new projects are happening all the time. Social media can make your news travel further and we're here to help.  New members are announced through the Maryland Department of the Environment Facebook and
Twitter accounts and we'd like to include a variety of members' projects and events. To get the word out, we hope you'll share, like and retweet your posts by tagging us @MDEnvironment and using #MDGreenRegistry.

For member-to-member exchange, feel free to use the Maryland Green Registry LinkedIn account where you can post environmental news, events, questions, and job openings. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Laura Armstrong

Maryland Green Registry Coordinator


Maryland makes it EZ to buy EVs 

With generous federal and state incentives in place, lower operating costs, and access to all HOV lanes in Maryland, now is a good time to take a closer look at electric vehicles for your organization's fleet

or for your own personal vehicle. Plug-in hybrids offer high mpg, long range, zippy performance, and can be charged on a regular 120 v household outlet.  To see how the operating costs of your current fleet vehicles compare to EVs, click here: 

Maryland Green Registry members can make their workplace EV friendly by allowing employees access to outlets or by installing or encouraging building management to install outlets, which can range from 120 v outlets to fast charge stations. Incentives are available for all charging types in both the residential and commercial setting. 
Take the Compost Challenge

Join the more than 60 Maryland Green Registry members that have taken the Compost Challenge. The list of members includes hotels, restaurants, schools, government facilities and commercial office space. Some are composting onsite; some are sending food waste to local farms; and some are having it hauled to larger composting facilities.


Learn how two Maryland Green Registry members convert food scraps to a nutrient-rich compost that is applied to their rooftop gardens and athletic fields: Harford County Public Schools and the University of Maryland, College Park.

Leadership Award Winners: Where are they now?

Maryland Green Registry Leadership Award Winners aren't ones to rest on their laurels. They each have a strong commitment to continuous improvement and accomplish that by setting annual goals. So let's take a look back and see what one of our 2010 winners, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, has been up to. Not unexpectedly, they've been busy. They've reduced hazardous materials use by over 17% from a baseline year of 2012, saving over $252,000 in disposal costs; reduced water use by 16% from a 2008 baseline; implemented a telework program that is projected to save more than 35,000 round-trip employee commutes, and completed a building deconstruction project that recycled 98% of the building materials, saving the government approximately $500,000 in tear down costs and diverting 18,772 tons of material from landfill. Nice work and we're sure there's more to come! 

Environmental Management System Assistance Available

The Maryland Department of the Environment and the Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership is offering Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation Assistance to manufacturers.  This is a 6-month program that will assist a small group of businesses in implementing an EMS based on the global ISO 14001 standard.  EMSs create a system that ensures environmental compliance, a prevention-first approach to environmental management and a commitment to continuous improvement  Learn more here and contact Laura Armstrong, 410-537-4119 for further information.  The next group will start January 14, 2015.



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