Left to right: AHF Program Director Alex Levy, Lydia Martinez, Glenda DePaula (standing), Julie Melton,
AHF President Cindy Kelly, and Frances Quintana in New Mexico in February 2017

"Th ey were packed full, all of them," Frances Quintana remembered, describing the green Army buses that brought workers to Los Alamos during World War II. As Frances (above right) describes, hundreds of residents of northern New Mexico, including many members of the Hispano communities and Pueblos, worked on the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project has had complex and long-lasting legacies for northern New Mexico and the world.
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Exterior view of the X-10 Graphite Reactor, 1949. image courtesy of the Department of Energy-Oak Ridge Office.
Thanks to your support, in 2017 the Atomic Heritage Foundation:
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