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Contract Renewal
Archer Credit Union signed a five-year renewal with Share One this month. Thank you to Rex Minert, President/CEO, and the entire Archer Credit Union staff for your continued support and contract renewal.

We look forward to continuing to serve your credit union needs and making your vision a reality.
NS3 Suite Update
Stay tuned for more information on the latest NSMobile 23.3.0 Release,
more information coming soon.
Employee Announcements
Mark Weber, Director of Technical Services
It is bittersweet that we share that Mark Weber will be retiring on September 1, 2023. In July, Mark will celebrate 16 years with Share One. After 25 years as a field technician, Mark joined Share One in our Technical Support area, answering phones; today, Mark serves as Director of Technical Services.

When asked if there was an accomplishment or project that he was particularly proud of, he shared this, “[I am] proud to have untethered client resources from a corporate office suite, as that complicated securing client data.” In layman's terms, many moons ago, Share One and Clients shared a server but Marked worked to separate those. Mark added, “Also, moving into virtual environments for better flexibility for planning, implementation, maintenance, and recovery.”

In retirement, Mark said, “[I am] going to work on my humanity and become more creative and less logic driven.” It sounds like he has some big plans, but we are not ready to see him go just yet so we will enjoy his company (and expertise) for the months to come.
Shirley Ingraham, Senior Director of Technology
Shirley originally joined Share One in 2012 and in her time with Share One, she has filled several roles, including Support Tech, Technical Services Manager, Technical Support Manager, and Director of Technical Support. Before joining Share One, she held several roles in technology, including 21 years with the Detroit Free Press as a copy editor and then into Technology as it emerged. She was the IT Manager at the Skillman Foundation. During her short time away from Share One (yes, she left us, but she couldn’t stay away long), Shirley was the IT Manager of Business Relationships at Wyndham Destinations.
As Senior Director of Technology, Shirley will lead the department as well as IT Strategic Planning, project implementation, policies, and audits. Shirley's favorite thing about Share One is the people she works with. “I’m thrilled to be a part of such a smart, dedicated, and creative group. I’m excited for what the future holds for us all!”
Congratulations on your promotion, Shirley!
Michael Curtis, National Account Executive Manager
Share One has added a level of management for the National Account Executives and we are excited to announce Michael Curtis's promotion to National Account Executive Manager.

In July Michael will celebrate 23 years with Share One. During his tenure Michael has held several roles including Project Manager for Conversions, Sales and Installations for Add-on Products and National Account Executive.

In his new role Michael will work with the National Account Executives to provide outstanding service in managing our credit union relationships. He is very excited to work with the sales team and is looking forward to stepping back a bit from the day-to-day account management to focus on how we can be more efficient and better serve our clients.

When asked his favorite memory of his time with Share One Michael shared, “there’s no experience quite like a credit union conversion. The first one I worked on was Southern Security – the first NewSolutions credit union. The system was brand new; we were all learning as we went, and it was equal parts frustration and triumph."

When Michael is not at work he enjoys traveling, reading and watching sports and movies. 

We are excited to have Michael in this new role. Please join us in congratulating Michael on his promotion.
Webinars & Notices
Upcoming Webinars
NSQuery Series Part III
On Thursday, March 2nd at 1:00 PM CST, join Bobby Rowland, Client Success Consultant at Share One, with the third of a 4-part series on NSQuery. This session will introduce Subqueries, Exists/Not Exists, and Special Operators. Select the link below to register.
NSQuery Series Part IV
On Thursday, March 9th at 1:00 PM CST, join Bobby Rowland, Client Success Consultant at Share One, with the final of a 4-part series on NSQuery. This session will focus on Direct Expressions. Select the link below to register.
Bringing Credit Cards In-house
On Thursday, April 6th at 1:00 PM CST, join our Share One staff and guest client facilitator, Jim Ryan, as they review Share One's In-house Credit Card Processing platform. NewSolutions Internal Credit Card Processing includes all the features required to handle everything from posting of transactions, subsequent billing and statement processing to the maintenance of multiple card types within the card base. Register now to learn more!

Who should attend?
  • This informational webinar is ideal for any credit union exploring the option to manage a credit card portfolio in-house.

Webinar Facilitators
  • Jim Ryan, CEO JM Associates Federal Credit Union
  • Michael Curtis, National Account Executive Manager
  • Jennifer Charles, Implementation Specialist- Credit Cards 
Inactive Users Notice Reminder
Share One is reviewing users in NewSolutions for the Hosted environment (Hosted and Service Center clients). We will be disabling any user that has not been active in the past 30 days as a due diligence on your system.  In House clients can reach out to Jeremy Goforth for assistance in reviewing the Share One users that need to be disabled.  
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