February 14, 2018

Jersey's play face
The Valentine's Day message planned for today was the love story between Jersey and Elizabeth,  never imagining that Jersey would leave us so suddenly and without warning.  Jersey left this world for the next on February 3rd -- unexpectedly and leaving behind broken hearts.
I haven't been able to put in writing or form the words to tell you about the loss of sweet Jersey. I felt that writing it down would make it real --  I didn't want it to be true and I can't imagine life without Jersey, without his wild screams of joy and the biggest play face of all time. 

I cannot fathom how this could possibly be, we are working with our veterinarians to figure out what happened.  Jersey had gone through so much in his short life, we can make no sense of this, we are all reeling from the loss of the happiest monkey at Jungle Friends.
The day Jersey arrived
Jersey post surgery
Jersey came into my life like no other. He arrived with a cone around his neck, both of his hands wrapped, both feet and legs wrapped and bound together. My heart sank when I lifted him out of the crate - he weighed only a few pounds. 
We always referred to Jersey as our Miracle Monkey -- he made it though multiple amputations, surgeries, and pneumonia.   I have never witnessed a spirit as strong as Jersey's.  He recovered  in my guest room after about three months, our dedicated carestaff with him 24/7.

Jersey made a miraculous recovery, using his tail in place of the leg that was amputated, he gained weight, his  biceps muscled and he could negotiate  his habitat with ease. 

Jersey standing tall, fully recovered
Jersey intently grooming Elizabeth
Elizabeth and Jersey with tails entwined

Jersey met Elizabeth and it was love at first sight! They enjoyed  amazing rough and tumble play, and  slept together every night. Jersey was one of the most efficient groomers . Jersey and Elizabeth were a model couple -- a true love story. For more about Jersey's Journey and videos please go to Jersey's Web Page and  see his Jersey's Photo Album.
Let Kindness Be Your Guide on this Valentine's Day.

Lots of monkey love,
from the monkeys
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