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Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Delta Crosscut Budget Report

Following the release of its FY 2020-2021 Delta Crosscut Budget Report, the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee wants to hear from readers regarding the relevance of the funding data and report. For the past three years, DPIIC member agencies and water agencies have worked collaboratively to annually submit and analyze Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta science and restoration funding data. This annual reporting of expenditures implements a process for collecting data and includes contributions from many DPIIC agencies.

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"The annual crosscut budget report increases our understanding of science funding by implementing credible and common accounting and reporting protocols that allow for an accurate assessment of science funding to address Delta management and decision-making."

– Amanda Bohl, Delta Stewardship Council special assistant for planning & science

DPIIC Crosscut Budget report covers

The DPIIC has undertaken several initiatives to support an effective Delta science enterprise. The current and past Delta Crosscut Budget Reports are available on the DPIIC Initiatives web page.

The DPIIC strives to facilitate Delta Plan implementation through collaboration in support of shared national, statewide, and local goals for the Delta. It explores opportunities to align actions, showcases achievements, and guides actions to address pressing issues in the Delta.

DPIIC agencies are vital to making progress toward achieving the coequal goals. Management of the Delta involves numerous stakeholders and competing interests. Progress requires bringing the right people together to implement timely, science-based solutions.

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