Open Enrollment is Here! 
For many members October is open enrollment month. We discussed insurance options in our April Newsletter  but much more can be said. 
When choosing Health insurance, HMOs are often a tempting choice because of the lowered monthly premiums, but the downsides to HMOs are numerous.

- The objective of an HMO is to contain medical costs by using "managed care" whose primary goal can be to limit the use of medical services.

-An HMO manager will decide whether or not you should recieve care and then decide which doctor you can see.

-With HMO's; treatment for stress related conditions can be prematurely terminated or denied, leaving patients with an inability to achieve medical clearance to return to work.

-The rising need for specialized care for behavioral health or substance abuse is often met with limited or denied treatment, or limited to outpatient programs.

-HMO premiums increase at rates equal to or greater than traditional insurance.


Open enrollment is the time to change to a health plan that offers more options. Make choices that give you more choices.

New Training!!!
HCAMS offer free workplace trainings on a variety of topics. We are excited to announce our latest addition.

The Opioid Crisis and the
Effectiveness of NARCAN:
Opioid use is spreading like wildfire, over doses are happening everywhere, even at work. In this abbreviated training we will go over the startling facts of the ongoing opioid epidemic in this country and look at how this crisis is impacting the workplace. We will also discuss the signs of overdose and proper administration of NARCAN, a fast acting, nasally adminstered drug that counteracts the effects of opioids and revives people who are overdosing.
Call 888-828-7826 to include us at your next meeting today!
Workplace Bullying
When we picture a bully, we often think of children: teasing each other, stealing lunch money, or giving swirlies. But bullying is reality of adulthood as well.
Workplace Bullying is a pattern of behavior that:
- Harms
- Intimidates
- Undermines
- Offends
- Degrades or humiliates

Bullying behaviors must be repeated, one occurrence does not constitute as bullying.

3/4 of Americans have reported bullying at work. That's over 30 million people! 

What can be done?
- Educate ALL employees on respectful professional behavior and company code of conduct.
- Create a ZERO tolerance anti-bullying policy
-Train supervisors on how to intervene constructively.
- Encourage witnesses to report any incidents immediately.
- Hold regular training sessions to remind employees of the procedures in place to assist them with workplace bullying.

Are bullying and hostility limiting your productivity?
Call HCAMS 888-828-7826 to review your case today!

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