Your gift helps children, vulnerable adults, and people in crisis.
"In elementary school, we played games. In middle school we started to do more talking about school and classes and still some games. In high school we just talk. I like telling him about things in my life and I like to hear his stories about everything from owning a business to some of the trips that he takes." - Archer, a recent USucceed graduate shared about his mentor. Learn more.
Before my husband got sick, I took good care of myself but when he couldn’t take care of himself anymore, I forgot about me. The class reminded me that it’s ok to take care of myself and taught me new ways to release stress. - Diane, Caregiver Support participant. Learn more.
“Since coming here, I can tell it’s benefiting me and my life. I can read better. I perform better at work. I can sit down and read books to my kids. I can’t believe there’s a program like this, I hope they touch a lot more people throughout the years and give them the same hope they’ve given me.” - Chris, a REACH participant. Learn more.
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COMPANY NAME's goal for our Sioux Empire United Way campaign this year is FILL IN YOUR GOAL.