Words of Wisdom to Keep Your Bucket Filled
Volume 13, Issue 2
Week of January 27, 2019
1950 s television with a newscaster reading a news bulletin
Beloved television personality, Mr. Rogers, use to say, "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'" In the wake of so many negative, dark and painful news stories in 2018, most parents can probably relate to the wisdom of those words. Even as adults, we all have days where a particular story or bit of information can make us question humanity.  
Bucket filling has taught me to search for and share the positive, the good, the happy and the heartwarming tales that very often fail to make it to the 6:00 evening news. It actually was a really good year. Every year will be good when you choose to look for the positive. Here are some bucketfilling stories from 2018 that perhaps you did not hear about: 
In November, in Indiana, a lonely 70 year old woman asked a stranger to sit and share breakfast with her. These two strangers, who could not have been more different, shared a table for 45 minutes. Afterward, they decided to exchange phone numbers and left the table feeling as though they made a new friend.
In December, in Texas, an exhausted mother of two young boys received help while waiting in a long line at the airport. Fellow passengers helped hold her sleeping child so she could rest. The mother expressed feelings of gratitude and wonder that perfect strangers would be willing to help her.
In December, an Alabama school bus driver finished his morning pickups amidst an icy commute that delayed the start to the school day. Before arriving to school, the driver learned that the school had announced they would be unable to serve breakfast to the students that morning. The bus driver stopped at a local McDonald's and purchased breakfast sandwiches for every student on the bus.
This is a mere sampling of bucketfilling stories. It's true that 2018 saw some truly disheartening news. As bucket fillers, we can choose to seek out and share only the stories that lift people up. We can all make 2019 a "Happy New Year" by choosing to live life daily as a bucket filler. We can make this year a little more kind for everyone - and that is great news!
To a Happy 2019,

Sandy Richardson, Bucket Fillers' Office Coordinator