Shopping for Valentine's Day Gifts?
Give a gift that keeps giving. Give a gift that saves orangutans.

You can give your loved ones the gift of becoming a foster parent to an orphaned orangutan at OFI's Care Center.

Or, maybe some hand-made, boutique, luxury, palm oil free soaps and lotions are more their style?

And who wouldn't want to cuddle up to an orangutan plush toy?

Foster eKits - Orders should be placed before Feb 12th.
Merchandise & Foster (post) Kits - To guarantee delivery by Feb 14th, domestic orders (within the US) should be placed BEFORE FEB 8TH. Unfortunately, delivery before Feb 14th cannot be guaranteed for international orders.

Show your love.
And share the love!

And if you're buying chocolates for your sweetheart, remember to check the label for palm oil!

Use the handy PalmOilApp to check if the chocolates you're about to buy are contributing to the extinction of orangutans.

The following companies sell palm oil free chocolates online: 
NOTE: OFI Has no partnerships or arrangements with any of the companies listed. 

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