August 2016
SHARE Enhances Its Message and Mission
A number of exciting initiatives are moving Project SHARE into an enhancing future of solutions and collaborations. Programs and opportunities engaging all ages from our kids to our seniors.  Programs that will benefit and empower many of our recipients and volunteers while we attract and collaborate with our extended community.  Project SHARE is moving boldly with initiatives that engage all.
Summer is growing and the fields wait for gleaning!  Join us!
  Paging Dr. Livas Doctor who?    I recently received an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree from Dickinson and I was honored and humbled. No, I can’t fix your hangnail or foot fungus, and although I am fascinated with why your arm bends that way, I can’t fix that either.  If your leg hurts when you do that, well, don’t do that anymore!  That will be $75 bucks please.

I am great at dispensing advice, but I am pretty sure you don’t want me doing any sort of medical care.  I do offer great rates, and I will even wash my hands (my momma taught me right), but I get my left and right mixed up occasionally and get antsy if I have to focus on one thing for more than an hour, so no long surgeries, please.

Project SHARE has long been a champion of children and of volunteers. In no season is that more evident than this one. As we continue to grow and learn, I am amazed at the transfer of love and encouragement that occurs in our various program settings. As our expectations of all people rise, our programming improves and our results improve overall.  This makes  me wonder why we have not been asking people to rise to their very best selves. To move to a commitment to do their best, and not let excuses rule the day. 

What is ahead for Project SHARE?  I want to see people do their very best to provide healthy food for themselves and their neighbors. We want them to know their loving Creator and be drawn closer to Him.  We desire for them to acknowledge His goodness and His direction for their life so that they never walk alone.  
As children go back to school, they will be fully equipped through the Summer feeding program and Youth Impact Day with all the supplies they need, and the love and encouragement they need from their  SHARE family to be committed to academic studies. They will receive Power Pack food bags through the school year on the weekends. 

Perhaps we need the same training boot-camp for parents and for grandparents; a concentrated class that leaves no room for excuses, but lots of room for taking responsi-bility head on. You know sometimes responsibility is just too frightening, and we would rather have someone else do something or decide something. But more often, it is  right to pray, then make the best decision you can with help, and then hang on for the ride.   

                           No excuses
So let’s step up the challenge for all people to “Do the right thing” even when no one is looking.

No prize is being given out and no one is giving out awards.  People are watching and noticing your character and your actions.

But this is the other 29 years, 364 days when you aren’t being honored for it.  Let’s expect the best from each other! This is when we see if you give up or believe and keep going.

Gleaning, CROP Walk, teaching in our kitchen, delivering to shut ins, dividing up produce, working in the warehouse, or office work.  It is all a way to honor God and champion the people of Carlisle to feed themselves and each other!  We can do this together if we work together! 

Doctor’s orders! 

SHARE Yoga @ Farmstand (all are Welcome) 
EVERY Sunday      4-5pm  FREE
Relax your mind and your body under guidance from the ETHOS team.

Kitchen Classes Be sure to look for the variety of classes we offer including Canning, How to Use Spices and other cooking and food preparation.  Up to date announcements will appear on Facebook and be listed on our web site in the calendar.

Kids in the Kitchen Wednesdays the week after Distribution 4:30-6pm.  Always a gaggle of children learning and enjoying.  All classes at the Farmstand.  Reserve free places by calling 249-7773 or

Self Confidence & Financial Literacy
(Aug 10, 17, 24, 31 from 10:30-12:30 @ P.S.)
This special FREE class will help you be who you are meant to be.  We will gain confidence in our selves and the blessings that come with our lives.  We will then learn to deal with the other realities of managing finances under pressure. 

Gleaning  A Biblical activity of harvesting after the harvest.  Join us as we venture to local farms and orchards to accept the generosity of farmers and growers in the region allowing us to pick and return with the treasures of nature for our neighbors. Details on our  website and through

(Ask us about sponsorships and/or how you can help)

September 24 - Volunteer Appreciation Brunch (Saturday 9am - 12noon) @ Project SHARE

October 23—Carlisle Crop Walk (Looking for Church participant organizers)

November 1-14 - Turkey Collection

December 01 = Holiday Dinner

January, 2017 - Souper Bowl Kick Off Event (Watch for date and how to participate)

May 5-12, 2017 - Canstruction
@ Capital City Mall

May 20, 2017 - SHARE the ARTS
@ The Carlisle Theatre  

August / September 2017 - Farm to Table Dinner Benefit (more information to follow)

Youth Impact helped Carlisle and our region with a grand event in Dillsburg.  671 participants from the Project SHARE region, that included 401 children, attended Youth Impact Day on July 30th.  We bused, at no cost thanks to Evangelical Free and Carlisle Brethren churches, 105 people.  Now that we have participated in our first Youth Impact Day we are looking forward to planning how to best serve our children in their school preparations for 2017.  If you are interested in serving that plan contact Joe Kloza, Educations Coordinator  at Project SHARE.

Welcome to the new way to SIGN UP for most everything being offered at Project SHARE.  

Whether it be joining us in the fields to glean or teach in our Summer Read and Feed program, TIme To Sign Up presents you with the options in both date, time and roles for you to sign up at your convenience 24/7.  

We will also be adding our Kitchen Classes and any of our other activities that will require a Sign Up !  So visit the site and have a look around to see how you might join us along the way!
Reviews from Great Nonprofits- July & August 20
"Recently I found myself in a very dire situation. I'm going through a divorce. My grocery budget went from $400.00 (when married) to $0. With God, I had to push through my pride and humiliation to reach out for help.  Project Share readily approve my application. I now can eat with out having to worry about where my n ext meal will come from.  Project Share staff & volunteers treat me with compassion and respect when I go for food.  I never thought I'd be in this position.  I plan to pay it forward by volunteering @ Project Share while I get my personal  life in order."
Shelves stocked, designer wear in place, canning looking for a place on your shelves.  Currently we invite you to see our selections at Project SHARE's HQ on North Orange and soon to be able to make selections online for pick up here.  Shop with a friend in mind or for yourself.  Polos, Ts, hats, v-necks and more.
$5.00 for 32 ounces but only 4 left!

$5.00 for 24 ounces

DICED TOMATOES   $5.00 for 32 ounces
On Your Mark, Get Set...READ!
Summer Read & Feed for Kids 
Every summer the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) administers a program to provide summer feeding to the many children who are out of school and could benefit by supplemental summer feeding.  Project SHARE has also teamed up with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the local schools, churches and army of qualified and dedicated volunteers to add the element of learning and reading together with the USDA's feeding goals.

This summer Project SHARE operated 5 sites: Letort Elementary, Middlesex Elementary, Church of God, New Life Community Church in Mt. Holly and our own Farm Stand to provide all of these elements in one exciting program.  Over a period of 8 weeks, from June 20th to August 11th teachers, assistants, site supervisors and outside community participants presented lessons and activities based on the National Library Association's sports related theme of On Your Mark, Get Set...READ!  

In addition to the schools and sites that are active partners both Bosler and Amelia Givin Libraries were active participants in Project SHARE's summer read and feed initiative.

Highlights this summer have included our reading to dogs Mondays at Mt. Holly, Create-a-Palooza and Library crafts and reading events at all sites.  The program will celebrate with an end of term picnic for all the 163 kids who are part of the program this summer.

Contact Joe Kloza, Education Coordinator to participate in the planning and implementation for 2017 or to provide needed and appreciated support for future education initiatives both for our children and adults year round.

We have all been blessed.  Project SHARE has been and each day we give thanks for the many blessings we have.  We believe that more good things are continuing in the lives of our community and that Project SHARE can provide that hand up to make great dreams realities.

In order to realize our continued belief in solutions we ask you to consider partnering with us to support these needs:
  • High Tunnel Growth
  • Kitchen Classes
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Life Skill Workshops
  • Employment Training & Mentoring
  Hitching a Ride for a  Truck

Thanks to a grant from the USDOA and a plane ride from an adventurous volunteer, a needed truck was purchased and returned from Massachusetts, appropriately named "Jack". Greg Morris drove the vehicle back to Carlisle and Mike Marra provided the breathtaking ride up.  It takes a fleet of trucks, 8 to be exact, to move produce in and out of our warehouse at Dickinson and we were in need of this latest acquisition. Thanks to all who have put the F350 into service for our community.
    Glenn Morris and Mike Marra
On July 30th, the Shippensburg Junior Livestock Auction, to benefit the FFA and 4H clubs was held. Thanks to our donors, we were able to purchase over $2,750 worth of animals that were prepared for our freezers.  The generous Peg Sheaffer Memorial Fund allowed for the meat preparation.  Many thanks to F&M Trust and our donors Teresa Barber, Donna Hinkle, and Harold Brandt for providing the funds that we used to purchase the animals.  Thanks to Chas and Glenn Finklebinder for their auction and butchering skills on our behalf.

Century Link Matching Fund
CenturyLink hosts an annual food drive to help fight hunger in our markets and raise awareness of backpack programs that provide meals to children over weekends and school breaks.The Foundation matches employee and community donations with a $1,000,000 donation to local food banks.Since the program began in 1999, this annual drive has resulted in more than 47 million pounds of food being donated nationwide. 

Project SHARE's generous donors raised $19,289 in this 9 day campaign.  The result was that you were 7th overall in the nation and were rewarded more than a double match by Century Link for a total of $48,599. You were able to mobilize a force of donors in a short window which paid off large dividends.  Many thanks to those of you who made this amazing opportunity a reality and thanks to the Clarke M. Williams Foundation.
High Tunnel 

The Green Growing House

" Farmer" Todd has been growing, mentoring and preparing for a bumper crop at our Carlisle H.S. facility.  We have 520 Mountain Fresh tomato plants with 175 Banana and 175 Bell Peppers.

Harvest is coming in daily now and we will be selling to local restaurants with the funds going towards Project SHARE.  Contact "Farmer" Todd for details.  This is the first year for a non-chemical approach to organic horticulture  techniques in our garden.  Todd says that this method does not kill the beneficial bacteria in the ground. " It is natural, the way the land should be and the results speak for themselves."  Farmer Todd added that weed control is accomplished by pulling the weeds. He also added that "Weeds do not like a rich pH so organic fertile farming is adverse to weed growth."

Our current needs are to prepare for winter gardening so that we can grow year round.  Todd is  also looking into vermiculture composting with worms.  Funds are needed to make these added improvements so we can reap the benefits of "black gold" from the vermiculture.  Contact Project SHARE if this is a project that you would like to help support.
Skip Over present a Defibrillator to Steve Kuhn at Farmstand on behalf of the Nicholas Ryan Over Foundation.
Project SHARE of Carlisle on Facebook
If you have not frequented Facebook lately, or ever, you may not be aware that Project SHARE posts pictures and special announcements regularly on our Facebook page.  We think that you will find a number of interesting posts from our pictures showing our activities to announcements about special events and even various Stories to Share linked from our review of the BBC, NPR and other news sources providing us with stories that I feel are relative to our mission and the lives of all of us.  Please feel free to Like or not, comment or not.  Just know that we love the conversation and the thought that it provokes in all of us.               
volunteer group raising hands against blue sky background
Help us find places and uses for our latest in 21st century donation jars.  Whether it be at a church event, coffee hour, a firm's cafeteria or at a local business, DipJars, from Project SHARE, make it easy to help our mission with small donations.
           Contact Joe for further details at or at 249-7773.  
Board of Directors: Diane Baltaeff—President; Chuck Allen-Vice President; Robert Weed-Treasurer;
Annie Strite-Secretary; Jeffrey Seiple; Nancy Mellerski; Kim Hertzler; Jim Bartoli; Rebecca Kline;
Medha Makhlouf; Ashley Perzyna

Elaine Livas-Executive Director; Todd Barnett; Darrell Beam; Deb Brownawell; Laura Estep;Robin Ginter;
Deb Hess; Joe Kloza; Steve Kuhn; Wendy Murray; Micki Paxton; Meagan Smith
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