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Opening song - "All I Really Want"
Lord I love the way You love me/And how You move me deep within/Lord I love the way You hold me/ And draw me into You/ Lord I love the way You bless me/And how You look into my heart/ Lord I love the way You lead me/Right into Your arms

God I praise Thee/You amaze me/Take my life/And let Your light shine through/Jesus Savior friend of sinners/Fill me up/Cuz all I really want is more of You
"God's Will"
(video for reflection)
"At Your Name"
(song of reflection)
"Creation Story"
Children, Worship, and Wonder
"The Lord's Prayer"
Motion and movement

"We are Disciples of Christ"
(Video about Disciples identity and community)
"Hannah's Prayer"
(Sermon by Pastor Yvonne Gilmore)

Gifts of generosity and grace
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Do you shake your head, sometimes, when you read of the confusion and seeming slow-wittedness of Jesus’ disciples? 

Peter, James, John and Andrew (the first-to-be-called) want Jesus to give them private info about when the Temple would be destroyed. Were they hoping to avoid the place when destruction began? Or wondering if they could be the first to tweet the news, grabbing the rights to a “breaking news” story?

Jesus doesn’t oblige. Rather, he suggests they beware! Don’t be led astray.

We don’t get private info given to us, just because we’re followers of the Jesus Way (like the State Farm commercials of all the folks who believe they’ve been given special rates). Rather, our task is to stay aligned with Jesus  — no matter what “birthpangs” we may observe around us. Despite the wars and rumors of war, despite the earthquakes and famines, our task is clear.

Day by day we act out our faith. Week by week, we register our intention to follow Jesus with the gifts we bring. We deliberately give away some of what is “ours,” offering financial support along with our time and talents, to proclaim our desire to move the dial one more tick toward God’s Realm.

What will you offer, today, as a sign you choose to follow Jesus? 

Offering prayer

Loving God, all things come from you. Thank you for the abundance with which we are surrounded. We offer these gifts to you, to help us serve as witnesses to the Realm which Jesus demonstrated. Receive them, multiply them, and help us use them to build up Realm realities. We yearn to be faith-filled and faith-full followers of Jesus, the Christ, in whose name we pray, amen.
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Opening Prayer

Gracious God, like hungry teenagers heading to a feast, we’re drawn to your presence. You’ve given us your Spirit, and offered us a Savior in Jesus Christ. With joy, we recognize our true home in you. Thank you for the ways you give us renewed hearts, sprinkled clean, and renewed lives, through the wonder of baptism. Receive our praise, accept our worship, and allow us to hold fast to our hope as we offer you the fullness of our lives, amen.
Prayer of abiding hope

Holy One, there is no God like you. In praise and thanksgiving, we come before you
ready to learn of your power, ready to follow your path for our lives. Through days of jubilation as well as dejection, help us realize your influence in the world. We ask simply for ears to hear, eyes to see, and minds to comprehend the blessings you bestow.

At times, we are led astray by promises of earthly treasure. We confess our fallibility
and seek solace in you. Teach us to pray and praise without pause, and to hope without ceasing. Guide us in our efforts to encourage one another, to work together for good in the world, and to prepare for the day of the Lord as we pray the prayer Jesus taught the disciples to pray: "Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name..."
1 Samuel 2:1-10 (msg version)
2 Hannah prayed: I’m bursting with God-news!
I’m walking on air. I’m laughing at my rivals.
I’m dancing my salvation. 2-5 Nothing and no one is holy like God, no rock mountain like our God. Don’t dare talk pretentiously— not a word of boasting, ever! For God knows what’s going on. He takes the measure of everything that happens. The weapons of the strong are smashed to pieces, while the weak are infused with fresh strength. The well-fed are out begging in the streets for crusts, while the hungry are getting second helpings. The barren woman has a houseful of children, while the mother of many is bereft.
6-10 God brings death and God brings life,
brings down to the grave and raises up.
God brings poverty and God brings wealth;
he lowers, he also lifts up. He puts poor people on their feet again; he rekindles burned-out lives with fresh hope, restoring dignity and respect to their lives—a place in the sun!

For the very structures of earth are God’s;
he has laid out his operations on a firm foundation. He protectively cares for his faithful friends, step by step, but leaves the wicked to stumble in the dark. No one makes it in this life by sheer muscle!

God’s enemies will be blasted out of the sky,
crashed in a heap and burned. God will set things right all over the earth, he’ll give strength to his king, he’ll set his anointed on top of the world!
Unified Choir Fall 2021
We are very excited to announce the fall 2021 online session of the Unified Community Choir! The choir includes young people and adults with different abilities, regular ed, and special needs, that enjoy singing and performing. All are welcome. Currently our online rehearsals allow anyone with an internet connection to participate. So please feel free to share with anyone that may be interested.

Who: Everyone welcome - People with disabilities and typical developing singers high school age and up thru adults.

When: Rehearsals take place every Friday, October 22 - Friday, November 26, from
6:00 to 7:00pm (central)

Click here to register.
Grace Community Christian Church
2770 Montgomery Road
Aurora, IL 60504