Welcome to Grace at Home. Below are worship resources to sustain and strengthen our faith. Click on the pictures below to access the video content. Scriptures and prayers are located below the links. Due to COVID-19 positivity rates, Grace Community Christian Church will continue to share in worship online.

The building is open for in person worship this morning. As guidelines change and vaccine is made available, we look forward to gathering safely again in person with COVID mitigation measures in place.

Additional opportunities for connection and reflection
We will gather to study chapter 12 and 13 of Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words by Brian D. McLaren on ZOOM on Sunday, May 30, after church at 11:15am in person (for persons that are comfortable with being present, masked or unmasked, and appropriately distanced).

"A Memorial Day Prayer"
Inspiring video
"Let Everything That Has Breath"
(Opening song - sing along)

"Nicodemus reborn"
(Children's moment)
"Tis So Sweet"
(Song of reflection)

"We are Disciples of Christ"
(Video about Disciples identity and community)
"Born Again: Called Higher"
(Communion and brief reflection by
Rev. Yvonne Gilmore)

Congratulations 2021 graduates!!!
Middle School graduate
Nate Calvo

High school graduates
Joseph Anderson
Gianna DiCristofano
Lily Thomas

College graduates
Alexis Byrd
Assata Gilmore
Ricia White
You may give gifts, tithes, and offerings online below or mail in a check to Grace Community Christian Church. Thank you in advance.

(Click the image to watch the New Church ministry special offering video)

Families are created in a variety of ways; some by birth, some by adoption.
Paul teaches in the book of Romans “if we are led by the Spirit of God, we are adopted as children of God.”
Gathered into God’s family, we become heirs.  God, who created all things, claims you, and me, as beloved inheritors!  What more wonderful opportunity could we have than to share our inheritance with other beloved children who live in need of resources which we have?

Let’s take this opportunity to bear witness through our offering that we are children of God, able to respond with generosity as we help build up the family.

Offering prayer
Mighty God, you have claimed us as your own beloved daughters and sons. Thank you for naming us, making us joint heirs of all you have made. Please now receive these gifts which we’ve offered to build up the church of Jesus and strengthen this community of love. Use these financial gifts and use each of us to continue creating your Realm of Love on earth. Amen
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Opening Prayer

Amazing God,
We’ve come today to praise you, 
                           to honor you,
                           to give you glory!
Free us from distractions which seek to pull our attention away from you.  
Help us focus our minds, hearts and energy on you alone. Thank you for bringing us to this time and filling us with your Spirit. Allow this time to nourish us, preparing us for all that lies ahead, that we might not falter under the challenges we face but continue to witness to your grace and power in every moment. Amen

Prayer of Renewal

Great Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we pause to worship here in your name as an act of faith, believing that you are not only among us, but that you love us.

At times it is hard to recognize your love, see your mercy, and feel your presence. Help us today as we worship, that we might be transparent to your grace,
as you reveal yourself real and mighty in our lives and in the world.

Grace changes everything. Help us receive it and share it anew today.

Like Nicodemus, at times we have denied your way and been consumed by doubt. At other times we have been intolerant of others, and have closed our hearts and minds to your grace. Please, Lord God, forgive us our transgressions, that we may be healed of our sin and reborn in you.

Give us ears to hear the word of God— the word of love.
Lord, have mercy.

Give us ears to understand the word of God— the word of grace.
Christ, have mercy.

Give us ears to live the word of God—the word of service and ministry.
Lord, have mercy.

In your holy name we pray, Amen.

Scripture - John 3:1-17
(The Message version)
3 1-2 There was a man of the Pharisee sect, Nicodemus, a prominent leader among the Jews. Late one night he visited Jesus and said, “Rabbi, we all know you’re a teacher straight from God. No one could do all the God-pointing, God-revealing acts you do if God weren’t in on it.” 3 Jesus said, “You’re absolutely right. Take it from me: Unless a person is born from above, it’s not possible to see what I’m pointing to—to God’s kingdom.” 4 “How can anyone,” said Nicodemus, “be born who has already been born and grown up? You can’t re-enter your mother’s womb and be born again. What are you saying with this ‘born-from-above’ talk?”
5-6 Jesus said, “You’re not listening. Let me say it again. Unless a person submits to this original creation—the ‘wind-hovering-over-the-water’ creation, the invisible moving the visible, a baptism into a new life—it’s not possible to enter God’s kingdom. When you look at a baby, it’s just that: a body you can look at and touch. But the person who takes shape within is formed by something you can’t see and touch—the Spirit—and becomes a living spirit.
7-8 “So don’t be so surprised when I tell you that you have to be ‘born from above’—out of this world, so to speak. You know well enough how the wind blows this way and that. You hear it rustling through the trees, but you have no idea where it comes from or where it’s headed next. That’s the way it is with everyone ‘born from above’ by the wind of God, the Spirit of God.” 9 Nicodemus asked, “What do you mean by this? How does this happen?” 10-12 Jesus said, “You’re a respected teacher of Israel and you don’t know these basics? Listen carefully. I’m speaking sober truth to you. I speak only of what I know by experience; I give witness only to what I have seen with my own eyes. There is nothing secondhand here, no hearsay. Yet instead of facing the evidence and accepting it, you procrastinate with questions. If I tell you things that are plain as the hand before your face and you don’t believe me, what use is there in telling you of things you can’t see, the things of God? 13-15 “No one has ever gone up into the presence of God except the One who came down from that Presence, the Son of Man. In the same way that Moses lifted the serpent in the desert so people could have something to see and then believe, it is necessary for the Son of Man to be lifted up—and everyone who looks up to him, trusting and expectant, will gain a real life, eternal life. 16-18 “This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn’t go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again.
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