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For the most part, cities are not competitors; they are cooperators. Sure, economic development might be frustrating, and sphere of influence issues arise from time to time. Or, a city might feel it is bearing the brunt of a social challenge and seek others to be interested. But 90 percent of the time, it is love. That is unique.

In the private sector, fierce competition creates trade secrets, lawsuits, partnerships designed to gut the competition and more. It can be ruthless.

Tripepi Smith has its feet in both worlds. We are competitive, and we hate to lose (especially me). But in our work with public agencies, some of our best value-add comes when client cities ask us what other cities are doing to communicate. We have visited enough communities and talked to enough local government people to have a pretty good pulse on cities across California. There are few issues we have not seen before (though a recent ferret legalization matter in Culver City was pretty new to us).

We often hear how cities can be incubators for policy experimentation and innovation. I totally agree. But when a discovery is made or an exciting innovation occurs, cities like to share the news (Putnam Awards, Beacon Awards, etc.), not horde it like a trade secret. This benefits every city and the people they serve.

So, quickly, here are three cool things cities are doing that I have become aware of recently: Santa Clara does a highlight reel of each council meeting for the public  to make it more digestible. A public TV show I stumbled across recently featured
virtual senior centers  that offer several benefits, especially for homebound seniors. Of course, a virtual senior center can't happen without internet access, and one of the biggest city innovators is San Leandro with its public-private partnership

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Infrastructure is an unsung hero that enables innumerable conveniences, from binging on Netflix to heating our homes. We urge that cities make silent infrastructure less silent, and instead provide visuals, explanations and celebratory milestones when infrastructure is built, updated or provided.  Read More
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Tripepi Smith recently developed three videos to help Culver CityBus celebrate 90 years of operation. Read More

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