Sharing Ideas through Cooperative Play
Many of the kids we work with struggle with cooperative play. They tend to have an idea in their minds about how play should go and can become frustrated if others don't follow the hidden plan. This can create friendship issues since kids might seem like they are too rigid to play.

We coach kids on how to play cooperatively with many of the game choices at Simply Social Kids. The photo shows one such game called Strong Suit. In this game, each of the kids answers a question that reveals something about themselves. They collect cards through game play which are then used to create a collective tower of cards. They use the cards as a group to create a tower together. They are encouraged to let everyone's ideas play during this game by being open to suggestions from other kids.

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Nadine Briggs
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Image description: Cards in blue, red and yellow that read "what are my hobbies", "what would I want to learn from others", and "give examples of two activities that are best done together with someone else." Cards are stacked in a tower format.
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