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a periodic newsletter | Volume 1, Number 3 | September 2015

Writing about the Taizé Community
Sunday evenings we have a fairly constant flow of folks who come to pray with us who, at one time or another in their lives, have visited the Community of the Brothers of Taize' in eastern France. And sometimes people write about their experience there as I did after my visit this past April.

Here's a link to an article titled Denying Christ and Getting to the Truth: Lessons from a week at Taizé , published in Sojourners, written by the Executive Director, Rob Wilson-Black, about this family's recent visit to the Community. 

I thought you might find it interesting. 

If you've been to Taizé, could you write something we might send out about how that experience touched you and your spiritual life? Simply send it to  TerryS@saintandrewsseattle.org .

Many blessings for each of you in your journey.

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