Important Information to help us through Covid-19
Hope all are well . . . 

Here are some resources that might be able to help us get through this unprecedented time. 

The CARES Act allows small businesses to apply for  Disaster Loan Assistance through the SBA.

The PPP Loan is now also available for the Self Employed. Contact your BANK prior to applying.

Also the CARES Act can help with Mortgage Forbearance.
Contact your lender to see if you can pause or reduce your mortgage payments.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website has a lot of information.
There are several programs for rental assistance, fuel assistance, legal aid,  or even phone / internet. It is worth taking a look to see if you qualify for any help.

The Department of Education is offering Student Loan Forbearance and payments might be reduced or interest waived.

The CARES Act also has a provision for the Self Employed.
Unemployment Benefits are determined by STATE.
On top of whatever the state deems your benefit will be, there is an additional $600.00 per week from the Feds through July. So it is important to apply for unemployment benefits NOW.

CERF Artist Safety Net: Emergency grants and resources for Artists.

Artist Relief Fund:  Practicing artists must be able to demonstrate a sustained commitment to their work, careers, and a public audience. 

Verizon Small Business Recovery Fund : Providing grants to specific entrepreneurs. Opens 5/14.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program: Money may already be gone but it says more resources will be posted soon. 

Artists Resources: While there are a few monetary grants offered here this is a great resource for some online workshops on time management, self care and coping with financial hardships. 

Als o many states offer grants ... visit your own state website and search.  But be cautious of scammers. 

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Please stay well.

And thank you again for your trust and support.


Terry Mullen

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