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I took the summer off... well, not really.
    Well hello there! Yep, it's me again. Back from a summer of education, planning and work. (Oh, and a little camping too). I hope that you have had a great summer as well!
But now it's time to get back to work. I can't wait to share more of my photography with you. I am also going to be putting together special portrait sessions that I will let you know about. This is something that will be new for me but I am excited about the creative possibilities. I hope it will be fun for you too! 

    As you know, the Summer Olympics happened this year. It's really just incredible what we can train our bodies to do. I can't even imagine the strength and focus it took for those athletes to reach such a pinnacle. I was in awe! 
    There was also some beautiful photography that came out of those events. I was mesmerized by the shots these amazing photographers got. Just beautiful! Cynthia wrote a lovely piece about one of them below. 
    So it got me to wonder. What if chasing three year olds on a beach at 10 AM could ever count as an Olympic Sport? Well? Ok...maybe not. But if ever I felt like I was in an endurance competition it was then. Three year olds on a beach can not be tamed if they are the only one in the portraits. There is just too much distraction. So...I approached this session a little differently. I just let her be free and tried to keep up with her as best I could. She took some suggestions like jumping off the fence (which she loved) and in return she gave me glorious opportunities to capture her freedom.
"Learning to Fly" is above and "Three and Free" is below. I'll be sharing more of these images in the future. This baby was fabulous! 
    Sometimes I do miss it when my kids were that age. They were fun,cute and full of energy! But then I remember the energy it took and I become grateful that I just have a cat.  

By: Cynthia Bristow
And Other Things

Photo credit:  Cameron Spencer

    I saw this picture from the Olympics all over social media the other day. At first I didn't read the story that went with it and continued on with my day. I knew who the guy was and that the photo was obviously him winning a race. But I found myself searching for the photo again because I was thoroughly entertained by it.
    You see, the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, was about to cross the finish line of the Men's 100m  semi-final, when he turned (towards the photographer) and gave an incredible smile. The moment was captured. It went viral. Everyone wanted to share and talk about it. The photographer, Cameron Spencer, says he had no idea the extent of the incredible moment he just captured. These things go by so quickly and he had lots more work to do before he could call it a day.
    Isn't that how life usually goes as well? Things go by so quickly sometimes and we are just too busy to stop and revel in the moments. But when we finish our day, unwind and think about how things went, we see the moments in longer perspective. Sometimes we are met with regret and other times we are proud of our achievements. As much as you hate to miss an opportunity to shine, sometimes the things we do shine for us. At least they should.
    And that's what the photographer had happen. He did an incredible thing which was really his job. And although he knew he was taking good photographs, it wasn't until it was all over and the picture was viral that he was able to enjoy what he had accomplished. He said of the picture that he was proud it was viral because it was a difficult picture to accomplish and his skill helped achieve that. But at the same time, it was shared and others got to see the smile, the happiness and the accomplishment of a great athlete. And he had everything to do with that.
    Me? Well, all I see in the photograph is the Roadrunner from my youthful days of great cartoons. Right before he "bolts" out of sight leaving only a smoke trail of his presence, there is that tiny moment, when he jumps up in the air, sticks out his tongue, makes the crazy noise (Beep, Beep) and leaves the Coyote behind. I mean, come on, the fastest man in the world's last name is Bolt. Tell me that's not entertainment!
Private Photography Lessons
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 Get off  the automatic setting and learn how the pros do it. Call me for private photography lessons and before you know it ... I'll be out of a job. Oh wait, did I say that out loud? 
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"I just looked at the pictures and I'm crying. All of them are beautiful and it will be hard to decide...Thanks for taking pictures of just me with the girls too. I am always the one behind the camera so I will never forget those gorgeous shots!"
Marcella L.