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       My Sally was corresponding with a dear Christian Friend that was going through a severe trial for where she was at. After reading the correspondence I thought all of us could benefit from the encouragement and the response.  


Hi Vicki,


     I made a list last week--for myself--not necessarily for you but certainly as I was thinking of what you were going through. So I rehearsed what I need to keep my eyes focused on in my trials. I'll attach my thinking here. Tell me what you think ... or maybe you have a list too--if so share it with me.


Happy Day,



When a Hindrance or Trial Comes ...

       What do I need to do?


1. Choose to ... Live for God ... do your best ... don't try to Create it ... don't wish for it ... accept come what may with a thank you!

2. Choose to ... Speak for God.

3. Choose to ... Go for God.

4. Choose to ... TRUST in God no matter what you see happening otherwise.

5. Choose to ... Accept the negatives ... turn them to positives ... laugh at them.

6. Choose to ... Know God is in Control ... He is Sovereign.

7. Choose to ... BELIEVE in God working out the best when you don't see it.

8. Choose to ... WAIT on God and do your part ... TRUSTING all the way.

9. Choose to ... KNOW God will work out our best good In His TIME.

10. Choose to ... TRUST & OBEY for there is no other way to be Happy in Jesus.

11. Faith only Grows in the DARK!!

12. Let Patience have it's perfect Work.

13. The Refiner's Fire is for our Good.

14. All things work together for good to them that love/trust In the Lord.

15. God takes evil and turns it into Good in His Hands ... His timing.

16. Go Forward TRUSTING In Him not yourself.



Hi Sally,


       Thanks for the inspiration! Here's something that inspired me:


We sing a song that goes like this...


1. "Our God is In Time, On Time, All the Time--He's never late or wrong or early time. His perfect ways mark constant Perfect Time ... Our God is In Time, On Time, All the Time."


2. When the Time was right ... The Sea Parted ... the Walls Fell down ... The Lion's went hungry ... The Waves were Calmed ... The Sun Stood Still ... The Stone was Rolled Away ... God is never early and never late. He's always right on Time and His plans for us are good!


3. So ... I will keep TRUSTING, keep BELIEVING, keep ACCEPTING that His plan is better than mine. His ways so much higher, wiser, than mine, and as I allow Him full control ... He will bless me with His peace!


Happy day to you,





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       God Desires to be our God and we to choose to be His people. The Devil is out to discourage us with our trials and disappointments by blaming his evil work upon God. The Lord is here trying to teach us, He speaks and lives only the truth. We must BELIEVE God's truth not the Devil's lies! God's word tells us He is a tender Heavenly Father that loves, forgives, and wants to show us how to live like Jesus with Divine Power attending our human effort. That no discouragement needs to take us down if we turn to Him and take His hand and walk in His Shadow. He must be our Head, our Redeemer, and Deliverer. Who will you believe the Devil's Lies or God's Truths? The CHOICE is ours. Choose ... It is written ...