Sharing is Caring
(and boy do we have a lot to share)

There’s been a wave of special offers, free webinars and other assistive technology related resources coming out as we all shelter-in-place. Missouri Assistive Technology has been working hard to filter through them all to identify what’s most valuable to share with all of you.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook (@MOAssistiveTechnology) or on Twitter (@MissouriAT) to receive our daily postings. Visit our YouTube channel (Missouri AT) to watch our growing collection of vendor presentations and product demonstrations. Recently posted videos include:

Also, if you missed our informational series of guides on assistive technology and hospitalization, let us know by emailing and we’ll make sure to send them to you. Planning in advance can make all the difference in the event you find yourself going to the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the current situation, we are here and will continue to be here to help you. Stay safe. 
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