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Looking back on being bullied when I was young, it severely damaged my confidence. It took my entire life to arrive at the place I am at right now. I can tell you that the lack of confidence led to some bad decision making, not getting involved in fun times or group activities, and more that could have allowed me to have experienced so much more joy and self growth in so many positive ways. 

As you know, over and over, my main messages I wish to instill are to believe in yourself, love yourself, go for what makes you happy and to be kind. 

Today on The Wellness Universe Featured Blog, my Friend Lisa wrote a great article about confidence and I hope you get a chance to read it. It's called '15 Secrets to Having More Confidence', the link is below and it's a great read.

There is nothing to be ashamed of to admit we are not confident. 

In fact, it's like unloading a burden or peeling back a veil that allows you to hide. It's liberating! To allow yourself to admit it, accept it and now deal with it only brings you closer to the best version of you. 

Even the most seemingly confident person has self doubt sometimes (hey, we are human). I am here to tell you that I want you to be strong in mind and confident so YOU can go out there and do great things in this world. So YOU can tackle your dreams. So YOU can impact this imperfect world. So YOU can show up as the best version of YOU and make this world a better place. 

We need you. The World needs you. The best YOU, that you can be.

I believe in you and I know it is no accident that you are here. 

Have a blessed day and I hope are loving yourself like crazy today because you should! Own your amazingness :) 

Big Hugs

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