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Ruth York, Executive Director
Think Spring🌸! I know we all want spring weather to come and stay. Blue skies and warm temps tend to nourish most of us – even my diehard winter sports friends once spring actually arrives, and they can get out their bikes and hiking gear! And it’s fun to finally wear lighter, different and less clothes, right?! 

Focusing on bright spots is a good intro to our parent conference theme this May! By now, many of you will have seen that HOPE: Helping Overwhelmed Parents Exhale will be our theme. You don’t even have to feel currently overwhelmed to come and benefit! For those of you who are leaning towards burnout we have purposely kept our conference to a single day this year to provide a quick, efficient and meaningful blast of HOPE in your direction. 
  • Come for the research findings on how hope changes outcomes. 
  • Come for the workshop opportunities and tools that can help you tap into what hope can look like in your specific situation. 
  • Come to be inspired by what brings hope to others and makes their journey manageable and meaningful. 
See our Save the Date below! The conference is just one of many activities we have going for Children’s Mental Health Acceptance week that you can read about in this newsletter. 

This year’s FYIdaho theme for Children’s Mental Health Acceptance week is Visualizing a New Experience. Nationally, and in Idaho, the Children’s Mental Health Week focus has changed from creating “awareness” to creating “acceptance.” Both are needed, of course, but at FYIdaho we are embracing the call across our state and nation for acceptance of the mentally ill and of mental illness as every bit as important to support and treat as physical illness.

May 1-4 is the Idaho Gives campaign for Idaho Nonprofits like FYIdaho! We are always challenged to have enough staff and funds to do the work we fully aspire to do! Your contribution makes a difference and supports families across Idaho struggling with youth mental illness. We never charge families or youth for any of our programs and activities. You can make your donation to us by using the link below.

And, one more way to have a lot of fun and give to FYIdaho will be to attend the September concert line up for the Albertsons Open where you can target 100% of your concert ticket price to FYIdaho! There are 3 nights of headliner concerts:
  • Sheryl Crow, Thurs. Aug. 24th.
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Fri, Aug 25th.
  • Weezer, Saturday, Aug 26th.
Each year the lineup sells out well before the tournament, this lineup will be no exception, so it’s never too soon to lock in 1,2 or all 3 musical outings (and some excellent golf) at crazy low prices ($30/day for the golf tournament and concert!) This will be our second year as a ticket beneficiary which is capped at 40 nonprofits, so plan some fun for yourself. After you decide on your ticket choice please click "Families and Youth of Idaho Supporting Youth Mental Health" to make sure your purchase is donated to our work.

And to reiterate…Think Spring!🌸


Ruth York
Executive Director
Children's Mental Health Acceptance Week
Statewide Events
May 8-12
Click on any of these graphics to learn more
Support 🌸
Family Support Line

We’ve designed our Family Support Line to help families navigate the youth mental health system of Idaho, to connect youth to services, and to find useful resources in an effort to empower parents as they advocate for their child and family. Call us at 208-433-8845 Ext 1 or visit our website
Peer to Peer Support
Parents facing
The Complexities of
Residential Treatment
2nd Tues of the month
April 11th at noon (MST)
"Neuro-Spicey" Parents
3rd Tues of the month
April 18th at noon (MST)
🌸Parents in Northern Idaho
4th Tuesday of the month
April 25th at noon (PST)
Parents with youth who have complex diagnoses
1st Tuesday of the month
next meeting May 2nd at noon (MST)
Youth MOVE Idaho
YMI groups are teen-driven wellness groups for high schoolers to develop friendships, play games, and discuss mental health topics and resources. We have space for participants and teens throughout Idaho who are interested in helping co-lead these groups. 
Click below to learn more about each YMI group:

Contact Madeline Titelbaum, Youth Programs Coordinator, for more information on our youth programs:
The Boise Brick House

BBH is an after-school drop-in space for 9-12th graders in the Treasure Valley to hang out with friends, eat free food, attend fun events, and have empowering conversations about mental wellness. The Boise Brick House is open Mondays-Wednesdays from 2:45-5:30pm for arts & crafts, games, movies, music, cooking & baking, and more! Check out our Instagram @theboisebrickhouse to learn more.
Coffee Chat Parent Voice

Please join us to share your thoughts and experiences of the YES system of care.

3rd Wednesday of the month
March 15th at noon (MST)

Family and Advocates Meeting (FAM)
Get help through better understanding

Each month FAM will hear from a program, resource partner, agency, or service of the YES system of care to learn more about how they impact parents, caregivers, and youth.

4th Thursday of the month
April 27th at noon (MST)
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