After much consideration, Our Tomorrow's approach will be a little different than it has been in the past. We've taken the identity of our backbone as a data-informed, policy-focused organization to create data and policy work groups, while creating an arts and media group to be inclusive of our youth leaders' skills and interests.

We are excited to welcome our newest steering committee co-chairs, who will be working together to develop plans for the network.

Arts & Media
Youth leader co-chairs: Fatimah Rasul, AJ Tapia Wylie
Adult co-chairs: Lisa Marie Gomez, Nick Garcia, Patricia Stone

Youth leader co-chairs: Laura Reilly, Clarissa Tavera
Adult co-chairs: Julia Grizzard, Marisa Perez Diaz

Adult co-chairs: TBD with Leroy Adams serving in the interim
Youth leader co-chair: Alyssa Martinez