February 2020              
#1 - Safety Related Background Checks for Specialists
OCFS recently sent out a provider letter with new details on safety related background checks for persons providing EI/CPSE services to children in a child day care setting.  There are important steps that a program must follow that include:
  • an OCFS Parental Consent Form signed by the specialist, the parent/guardian, and the program director/provider
  • submitting to OCFS a waiver request form - OCFS-4887- to provider services in space considered separate from the program space
  • signing the child out of the program for the time outside of the classroom/program with the specialist
Click here to read the provider letter so you know exactly what you need to do.    

OCFS Forms: 

#2 - Free Training!
Attention Council members- we have free training just for you.  Our business series will kick off on February 13th, covering Insurance and Business Taxes. Click here to learn more. 

#3 - Free Tax Preparation
Westchester County is offering free tax preparation for families and individuals. View the below flyers for more information. 

2020 Early Childhood Advocacy Day

Once a year we ask you to come to Albany to show broad support for more child care funding in the state budget.  

It's that time of year again!

Without more NYS investment in child care, it's going to be nearly impossible to make child care more affordable for parents, better-paying for staff, and higher quality for children.  The Governor's budget contains no increase for child care subsidy!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 4th 
  • Registration starts at 9 am
  • Kickoff at 10 am
  • 12 pm Rally at Million Dollar Staircase in Capitol Building
  • Meet with elected officials throughout the day

Remember, it's just one day.   And this is what it takes to get more funding for child care!

For more info, please contact Kathy Halas at kathyh@cccwny.org.  If we have enough interest we may get a bus!
Congratulations to the Latest CDA Course Grads! 
These early childhood professionals completed a Child Care Council CDA course and then went on to earn the Child Development Associate credential from the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington, DC. They have worked hard to build their skills and enhance their knowledge of young children. The children in their care, their parents, and their programs are very fortunate to have such dedicated professionals working with them.
The Council's In-Person Preschool CDA Course
    • Martha Pines
The Council's In-Person Preschool CDA Course
    • Rhiannan Gasparre

The Council's Online CDA Course
    • Roberta Welsh

To find out more about the CDA credential or for information about the Council's CDA classes, please contact Idie Benjamin, Director of Professional Development, at CDA@cccwny.org.

Health Tip: Increase in Flu (Influenza) Activity 

Are your program and the children in your care protected?  A total of 39 influenza-associated pediatric deaths have been reported to the CDC thus far for 2019-2020.
Child care providers and schools play a key role in helping to prevent and slow the spread of flu. NYS Public Health Law Section 613 requires licensed and registered day care programs and schools to post information about the flu and flu vaccine for parents. 
To read the most recent annual announcement, click here.
The flu spreads easily. You can spread it to others before you even know you are sick. It can cause serious illness in infants and young children.
Influenza is a contagious disease that easily spreads every winter, usually between October and May. It can cause mild to severe illness that may result in hospitalizations and at times can lead to death.

Getting the flu vaccine is the best way to prevent flu and its complications.  The vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months and older every year.

Click here, to read more. 
Professional Development 
Winter-Spring Training Calendar
Register for these upcoming trainings today!
  • Child Abuse Identification & Prevention, Including Shaken Baby Syndrome -  (February 4)
  • New Director's Health and Safety -  (February 22 &29)
  • New Training: Caring for Children Born Prematurely - (February 29)
Click here  to view our 2020 Winter- Spring Training Calendar. 
Join the Council's Complete Count Committee

The Council has created a Census 2020 Committee to ensure everyone is counted in our child care community.   Every 10 years, data is compiled for each household in the United States through a Census Survey.  Federal funds, grants and support to states, counties and communities are all based on the results. It is vital for everyone to participate in the Census so that our communities get a fair share of the more than $675 billion annually that is allocated based on Census results. This funding supports schools, hospitals, public works, child care and other vital programs.  Typically families with young children are under-counted.

We need your help encouraging families to complete the Census 2020.  If interested in learning more how you can help, please click here

Click here for further information on Census  2020 

                R egulations Reminder:                   416.11(a)(3); 
417.11(a)(3); 418.11(a)(3)
 Documentation of Immunization

The program must keep documentation of immunizations the child has received to date, in accordance with New York State Public Health Law.
Annual All Staff Retreat

We held our All Staff Retreat on Thursday, January 9th.  We spent time volunteering at The Sharing Shelf, preparing donated clothing for distribution to those in need.  We also enjoyed some team-building and just-for-fun activities.
    Welcome New & Renewed 
     Child Care Programs!

Family Day Care Programs
Dea Miles 

SACC Programs
Chappaqua Children's Workshop, Inc 
The Country Childrens Center, Inc 

     Welcome New CACFP Participants 
   Maria T. Urena
The Who, What, Why, Where, and When of Science

What is Science?

Science is learning about the world and everything in it. Science is wonder, exploration, and discovery.  
A scientist is someone trying to find an answer. A scientist asks, "What do you think will happen if....?"
Everything young children do is science - touching, tasting, exploring, and even testing limits. An infant shaking a rattle is a scientist. A toddler stacking blocks is a scientist. A preschooler digging in the mud is a scientist.
Children learn science by exploring and acting on their environment. Science is inside and outside.
Science is based of the following elements:
  • Comparing: Making observations
  • Questioning:Making hypotheses
  • Describing: Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Trying something and observing the results.
Science is not teacher-directed one-time "science experiments" or units. Science is all around us. We just have to be open to seeing it. H elp children to be curious, think, look, and ask questions.
Storytime with Mr. Ben
Weekly Storytime, featuring songs and crafts. Reading together strengthens the parent-child bond and promotes early literacy, leading to success in school and in life. 

When :  Friday, February 3
Where:  Barnes and Nobles- Mohegan Lake
Cortlandt Town Center
3089 E Main Street
Mohegan LakeNY 10547
Cost: Free 
For more information,  Click here
  • Upcoming events
  • Annual All Staff Retreat
  • Influenza Increase
  • Children's Corner
  • What's Cooking
  • Family Fun and more
2020 Spring Conference
Dobbs Ferry High School
505 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY
April 25, 2020
Brochure and registration information will be available in February.  For more information, contact Carmelita Bota at  carmelitab@cccwny.org

Annual Book Drive
Child Care Council of Westchester 
313 Central Park Ave
Scarsdale, NY
March 15 - April 30, 2020
Click here to learn more

Early Education Hall of Heroes  
Mercy College
555 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY
June 5, 2020

Council Office Closings 
February 17, 2020
Congratulations, Andrea!
We are excited to announce Andrea Rosendo as our new Resource and Referral Counselor.  Andrea recently joined the Council team as our part-time Babies Step Forward Bi-lingual Engagement Specialist to provide additional support for families. She will now fulfill both roles, also helping parents find child care in the Westchester area. 
Join our 2020 Membership!

 Benefits Include:
  • Membership Certificate to post at your site
  • Discounted calendar trainings and on-site trainings 
  • Listing on your website with a link to yours 
  • Free postings on the Council's job bank
  • Free Members Only networking events 
  • Lakeshore Learning coupon and discount 
  • Printed Council Training Calendars
  • Free promotional gift
  • Refer a friend and receive voucher for a free training 

Opportunities to Connect with Colleagues!

Regular meetings at the Council for family providers, early childhood directors, and school age directors provide opportunities for you to learn, share resources and support one another. These meetings are also an avenue to increase your knowledge. Each one includes a training with a certificate accepted by OCFS.

Providers Network
This group for registered family and licensed group family providers meets 4 times a year.  For information about the network, contact Sarah Merrifield, CCCW Infant Toddler Specialist at sarahm@cccwny.org or (914)-761-3456 ext. 107.

Westchester Early Childhood Directors Association
The Association meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 1:00- 3:00pm. Contact Howard Milbert at Ossining Children's Center at (914) 941-0230 or Dawn Meyerski at Mt. Kisco Child Care Center at (914) 241-2135 or dmeyerski@mkccc.org for details.

School Age Directors Network
The Network meets the 3rd  Tuesday of the month from 10:00am-12:00pm. Contact Joanne Saporta at ccwkids@aol.com or Kim DeSalvo at  ardsleycc@aol.com

Join the network today!

Please note the networking groups do not meet in August. 

The Council is pleased to host these groups. We encourage you to attend their meetings.

In-Person Spanish CDA Course Starts March 2
This 120-hour course is the first step to get your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential.

For more information, contact Teresa Garcia, Bi-Lingual Early Childhood Quality Specialist at tereseg@cccwny.org or 914-761-3456 ext.142.
How to Find, Choose, and Work with a Tax Professional 
Read this helpful article and find the right tax professional to help you and your business needs. 

Click here to learn more.
What's Cooking?

Chic' Penne

  • 3 gal of Water
  • 6 lbs of dry, multi-grain penne pasta
  • 2 tbl, 2 tbps of granulated Garlic
  • 3 lb, 2 oz of fresh Broccoli florets, chopped 1"
  • 2lbs of Chicken- diced, cooked, frozen, thawed to ½ " pieces
  • 1 cup of low-sodium Chicken broth
  • 2 tbl of Salt
  • 1 tbl 1 tbps Black ground pepper
  • 2 quarts 3 cups of nonfat Milk
  • ½ cup of enriched, all purpose Flour
  • 1 lb of reduced-fat, shredded Cheddar cheese, 
  • 1 lb of low fat, low moisture, part-skim, shredded Mozzarella cheese
  1. Heat water to a rolling boil.
  2. Slowly add pasta. Stir constantly, until water boils again. Cook about 8 minutes or until al dente; stir occasionally, DO NOT OVERCOOK. Drain well.
  3. Toss cooked pasta with garlic.
  4. Transfer pasta to steam table pan (12" x 20" x 2 K"). For 50 servings, use 2 pans.
  5. Cook broccoli for 5 minutes in boiling water. Drain broccoli and toss with remaining garlic.
  6. Add broccoli and chicken to pasta, mix well.
  7. Sauce: Combine broth, salt, pepper, and milk. Bring to a boil, stir constantly- For 50 servings, use 2-quart milk (reserve remaining milk for step 8). For 100 servings, use 1 gallon 2 cups milk (reserve remaining milk for step 8).
  8. Combine remaining milk with flour and add to broth mixture. Reduce heat to low. Stir constantly for 5 minutes until sauce thickens.
  9. Add cheese, continue to stir until cheese melts.
  10. Divide cheese sauce evenly and pour over pasta mixture.
  11. Cover with foil and bake: Conventional oven: 350 °F for eight minutes Convection oven: 350 °F for 4 minutes
  12. Serve
For more information on reimbursements for meals and snacks, contact Latoya Ramsey, Provider Services Supervisor at (914)-761-3456 x 118 or email her at latoyar@cccwny.org  
Community Resources


United Way's 2-1-1 is a free, confidential, multilingual information and referral helpline open 365 days a year, 9am-7pm.

United Way's 2-1-1 call specialists can give you information about things such as:
  • Food Assistance
  • Housing assistance and shelters
  • Abuse prevention
  • Elder care
  • Mental health services
  • Recycling regulations
  • Services for people with disabilities
  • How to become a foster parent
  • Where to get medical help and more
Learn more: www.uwwp.org
How Delicious It Is to Give Back!

Shake Shack's Hartsdale location contributes  5% of sales of their Pie Oh My Concretes to the Council, so that we may continue to fight for quality early care and education for all children in Westchester.  Make sure you stop by and enjoy their ever changing Pie Oh My Concretes to support the Council!