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January 2019 Newsletter 
What God Does When We Share the Gospel


"Thank you for your sharing, Sir. I am not a Christian, so I don't know some information about it. Because of your special talk... I learned about the meaning of the cross. I have often seen the cross but I don't know its meaning. Now, I know that the cross has the precious meaning. Moreover, I have learnt the meaning of faith and love for Christians. If there is another special talk, I want to know more about Jesus and the hope of Christians..." (EMNP, Buddhist)

"Dear Dr. Tim...I really liked your special talk. I value every tiny moment and every word you said. The best part was that after listening and hearing and studying your lectures, I feel now I'm more Christian to myself." (GDN, Christian)

On January 15th, I was given an amazing opportunity to lecture on the Gospel with 230 Freshers from the Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) Liberal Arts Program (LAP). My topic was, "The Christian Faith for a Post-Modern World." About 75% of the students were Christian, while the remaining 25% were Buddhist plus a few Hindus and Muslims. Most of these nonChristians had never heard a clear message about their Creator, the Father's love, and the meaning of Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection. The main goal of this lecture was to provide a big picture understanding of the core messages, heart, power, uniqueness, and relevance of the Christian faith for today.  

Tim speaking to the Freshers at MIT

In this annual lecture, I hope to inspire the Christian students to seek a more vibrant relationship with God and to commit themselves more fully to Jesus and to a life of love. For students from other religions, I try to help them see the value of Jesus Christ for all those who trust in and follow him. There was a wonderful spirit in the room. We talked about differences among religions as well as common values. We laughed a lot together. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy spending an evening learning and talking about some very important spiritual topics so openly and clearly from a Christian point of view, but in a way still respectful and welcoming to all who were present. (You can watch a video recording of the lecture via the link provided below.)

Faculty members from the Liberal Arts Program at MIT

Afterward, many students wrote letters of appreciation to me. Here are a few more excerpts.

"I'm a Christian, but last week's special lecture gave me much more knowledge.... [For example,] I was reminded to be a godly person as the heart of our faith is "love." I also received the answers that I always wanted for years..." (Anon., Christian)

"Although I am not a Christian, I was really interested in the topic you taught us. You said about your childhood and how you had changed into a good person after you heard God's words. I'm a Buddhist and I really love sharing our religion. After your special lecture, I got many things to study about Christianity more because I was very interested.... I knew the meaning of God after your instruction... Thank you for last week, Sir!" (Anon., Buddhist)

"A couple of months ago, my life was full of darkness. I got many depressions, stress. It seems like the hole that you talked about. But after your lecture, I feel like I'm delighted. I feel like God has chosen me to glorify him... In my eyes, it  seems like God gave us a ladder where we can go to him.... One thing we have to do is to climb out and go to God." (Carlos, Christian)

"I want to tell you one of my experiences in the past two days. I had interviewed a Laos monk for my presentation at school. He asked, "What is the greatest commandment for Christians?" Suddenly, I remembered your teachings and I was able to tell him. This is one of my experience that I can't forget." (Anon., Christian)

Thank you for your prayers and support that help to make this ministry happen. By the time you read these words, I will have returned to Minnesota for the funeral of my beloved mother-in-law, Lucy Hartwell, who has been such a wonderful friend to me and enthusiastic supporter of our mission. Everyone who knew her is going to miss her greatly. (See tribute to her below.) Thank you to those of you who have been praying for her, Jill, our family, and me over the past eight months in her losing battle with cancer.
Gratefully, in Christ's service,

Rev. Timothy C. Geoffrion, Ph.D., D.D.
President and Teaching Minister
Tim's Most Recent Teaching & Preaching
"The Christian Faith for a Post-Modern World"
Myanmar Institute of Theology 
January 15th, 2019 

"Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth"
New Life International Fellowship
January 27,2019
Remembering Lucy Hartwell

Jill' beloved mother died peacefully on Saturday, January 26th, after a difficult eight month battle with cancer. Lucy was an amazing, wonderful, loving, supportive second mother-in-law to me as well as dear mother and friend to Jill. Her death means a huge loss for all who knew and loved her. We are all going to miss her terribly. 

The link below is to the obituary printed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It is a beautiful and fitting tribute to a one-of-a-kind, wonderful Christian women, who is now in a better place. Goodbye, Lucy, and thank you for who you were and all you gave to so many. 

Chin State Ministry
You can now watch a photo presentation that tells the story of Faith, Hope, and Love's ministry in Myanmar's Chin State this past March. Tim gave lectures, led workshops, and preached to thousands of Chin Christians, all in just 8 days. 

Tap on photo to get started with the show! Just scroll up to advance to the next text or photo to see the whole collection.

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